Friday, November 21, 2008

Ask a PC Tech!

So I've been in this business for a pretty good while now, years to be exact, and I've run across a host of completely idiotic, dumb shit questions in my days. I figured I'd share some with you, and will probably make this a recurring thing. So let's get started....
"Why isn't my wireless mouse connected to the computer?"
Aren't cables always sold seperately?

"Can you reset the Internet for me?"
Absolutely! Let me call Al Gore real quick to get that handled. I have him on speed dial.

"If I put in a PSone game in my PS2, will it make it looks like PS2 graphics? Why not?!"
Because you have to buy an Atari to do that. Everyone knows that!!

"I filled in the form. Do I click on 'Continue' or 'Cancel' at the bottom?"
Well...that's a hard one.

"It says my password has a capital and a number. Does it need a capital number?"
You're so smart. Of course it does. Here's your cookie = )

"What do I need to do to add more jiggabytes to my computer?" Jay-Z?

I hate all of you...................

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