Sunday, November 23, 2008

Damn You Black Friday

Ok, so I'm really not anticipating this at all. AT ALL. Whoever thought of the whole Black Friday, and then thought it was a good idea, needs to be punched in the face. Yeah, it's good for business cause we sell so much shit, but give us a fucking break.

Let me give a little perspective of the employee to the customer, so perhaps you'll get some kind of clue to things before you walk in. Despite how much we try to smile, we do NOT like this day.
The hours absolutely suck. We have to get here at like 3am. Translation, I go to bed around 4-5pm the previous day, and Thanksgiving is shot unless I get it all done noon the previous day. We get the pleasure of pulling into the parking lot to a huge line of people already griping.
Let me make one thing totally clear. YOU are the dumbass who decided to camp our overnite for the sales. Don't gett pissy with us.
So we go in, make the last minute rounds, then go outside to start handing out vouchers for sale items. Let me make one thing clear. Not all the customers are total douchebags. There are some really cool ones that make the day better. However there are plenty that seem to think their inconvenience of being in line is our issue. However, I'm a reasonable man. I'll be compassionate to your cause while I stand inside a warm building, and you're freezing outside to the point of your balls shrinking so much you change your name to Jose Canseco.
Ok, so we finally open the doors. The cattle come herding in and of course they have to be counted off and limited capacity so to stay in fire code. Then people get pissed at that. What....would you like us to fill over building capacity so the fire marshall can come shut us down? Great idea, then we all get kicked out and eveyone wasted their night.
It's at this point that I'm really greatful for the cool people that come in. No one really likes the whole situation, but regardless, we're all stuck in it somehow. Do yourselves a favor, and don't stand there bitching to me about having to stand in line for an hour to check out. I'm in this building from 3a-10p you asshole!!!
Fuck you, fuck your $300 cheap shit desktop, and fuck your $50 GPS unit. Fuck you in the goat ass. You are the worst thing about this pain in the ass of a day, and things could go so much easie for us all if you would shut your trap.
But on a positive note, thanks to all the people who do try to stay positive. You guys fucking rock!!!!
And just to give you a sample of the insanity in case you've never been there for a Black Friday, here's a little video shot a year or two ago of when they unlock the doors

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