Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Time to Re-Introduce Myself....

Ok, so I kind of forgot this blog was here. I guess I got a bit bored with it, and just kind of blew it off. I just happened to be tinkering around with my stuff attached to my Gmail account and saw it. As I sat here tonight watching CSI and the news, I pondered doing something with it, and if so, what?

So after sitting here bored off my ass learning about inbreeders in Ecuador who make midget babies with cancer, I decided why not do something. That something NOT being one of those Sally Struthers charities for the midgets...I meant do something with the blog.

So I thought to myself.....self....what should I do with it? Various options of subjects to choose from. I've finally decided fuck it, I'll just talk about my life. Yeah hi, I'm the asshole who fixes your computer.

I'm the one who watches you cry in the middle of the store about how important your computer is and how badly you have to have it back immediately, despite the fact I have 7 other systems to fix that came in before yours. I'm the guy who has to listen to you bitch because you're the idiot who got some virus that trashed your whole system, and now you realize the value of backing up after you lose your kids baby pictures and I can't recover them. I'm the one who gets to play CSI and try to figure out how you trashed your computer while you swear innocence.

It honestly amazes me what people do to their computers.

I'm also the guy who gets an honest perspective for the new electronics out when I get a chance to tinker with them. I'm the one people ask for honesty seeing as they aren't sent to me for reviews as part of an advertising deal. And hell if they were, I'd probably still talk shitty about them if I didn't like them cause I could care less anyways.

So what do I do exactly you ask? I work at Circuit City. I'm the one who runs PC repairs. Overall, it's a pretty kick ass job. I get paid to fix computers basically, and I meet some really cool people along the way. I also meet alot of douchebags in the process. Of course, that's to be expected. Despite those douchebags, my job rocks and I wouldn't give it up for shit. I've been there for a little over a year now. Before that, I pulled a 4 year stint at Dell. Learned a good bit there, made a nice amount of cash, and realized you can run a big company with a shitload of monkeys and still stay in business.

So yes, this will be my ranting. Yes, this will be me mocking every idiot I run across. Hell for fun I'll even occasionally bitch about electronics I don't like for that whole professional review angle I've been working on. Oh, and if it's an Apple product, I'll automatically hate it.

Now this won't be just technology, but alot of content will be technology related in one way or another. Hell my life revolves around it, even simple shit like me complaining about work. But actually I'm pretty good at bitching at just about everything, so I'll make sure there's definite variety. = )

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