Sunday, November 23, 2008

So Close to Freedom

Ok so I'm still at work riding out this last 45min to the day, and I'm seriously stoked. Knock out Monday, and I've got myself a 3 day weekend. Ok, well it's not technically a 3 day "weekend" seeing as it's Tue-Thur, but fuck it....close enough. I've been so overworked between the job and outside crap the last few weeks that I need some good time off. I think I might even turn my phone off to piss off my boss. No email or texts....oh my!

I'm still not real fond of having to come back to Black Friday hours, but piss on it. It'll be worth it. Ok, so even better......I'm down to 41min at this point! Yes, I am losing it. I'm so damn bored it's unheard of. There isn't shit to do right now. I just completed the agonizing and difficult task of reloading Windows on a PC. And yes, I'm lazy and cheat, so I used the recovery partition. I know I'm terrible.

Technically I could work on this other system that came in, but fuck it's late coming in and I wouldn't get much done. Besides, the guy is a douchebag and always tries to get freebies out of us. He can wait.

I think the smartest thing I eve did was start taking my laptop to work. I at least retain some sanity this way.....

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