Thursday, December 18, 2008

YAY! We Got Ranked!

Ok so this is really more of a bad thing, but hell I figure if we're gonna fuck something up we might as well do it right and get ranked in some online poll or something.

Anyways....a website called Advertising Age, aka Ad Age (link here), did their "Consumerist's Top 10 Business Debacles Of The Year 2008" column highlighting the worst Business fuck-ups of 2008. Now at first I questioned the validity of us being in this list, seeing as there were so many other options with bank and auto manufacturer bailouts. But then I realized The Consumerist wrote the actual article and it all made sense. Those guys absolutely hate our company, and they would never post anything inaccurate about us. The thought of that is rediculous. I guess it doesn't bleed as bad since we only ranked 8th.


Although it's just one of a bevy of retail failures this year, Circuit City is certainly the most high-profile. Dozens of pundits have tried to pinpoint the moment that Circuit City began its decline. A popular place to start is March 2007, when Circuit City fired more than 3,000 of its most experienced salespeople and replaced them with cheaper labor. In any case, nothing Circuit City has tried since (including offering $1 million "retention" bonuses to executives) has managed to stop the bleeding.

Fuck you guys. Fuck you all in the goat ass. We will turn around, you'll be pissed that we did, and then we'll hire Ethiopian immigrants to eat your babies.

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