Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taco Bell Perseverance

Ok, so last night the woman gets home and we decide to get something to eat. No, she doesn't have a name...I just call her the woman. So anyways, we're trying to figure out where the fuck to go that can follow along with this diet thing she's on right now. Which when you read the paperwork, it fucking translates to you can eat NOTHING. How the fuck are you going to tell someone they can eat a hamburger without the bun?
Anyways.....being the greedy fuck I am, I decide on Taco Bell. I figure I'll end up with something I like, and she can get one of those attempts at salads they make. Don't get me wrong....I love Taco Bell, but they've never been known for their health food. It's simply a compromise in this case.
So we get there, and I'm stuck looking over the menu for something that looks appealing. This time happened to be that rut you run across cause they'll have something really kick ass on the menu for a month or so, and when they pull it, you're stuck with this deer in the headlights look. Why they can't just keep good shit on their fucking menu amazes me. I pondered the double beef cheesy whatever the fuck it is, but then remember I've had better microwave shit at a 7-11. I finally have my epiphany....the #6. Supreme chicken muthaphuckin chalupa!!! It's fucking perfect. The woman decides on a chicken fiesta salad piece of shit and we're set. Then we get the ultimate buzzkill........."I'm sorry, but we're out of chicken......"
You're fucking what?!?!?!!? What did you just say to me you worthless minimm wage drive-thru whore of a human? How the fuck do you not have chicken at a fucking Taco Bell?!?!?!?? I'll murder your fucking family for fucking with my emotions like this!! This is something in life that should never happen. I would never expect to walk into a Chinese Kitchen or Panda Express and be told they have no more dog to make their food with. That proceeds to turn my "Taco Bell sounds good for dinner" into a fucking craving now. We have to settle on Bush's Chicken instead.
So being the stupid prick I am, I can't leave this unsettled. The woman gets home today from work, and again the what should we eat moment comes up. Obvious choice......Taco Bell. It's NOT fucking possible to be out of chicken two nights in a row. We get there, and it's they wanted to make up for their sins. The chick in the drive-thru is rediculously nice to us when we order. Same exact order. This time, it's fake authentic supremacy! We pull up, and it's like something in a commercial. We're greeted by an authentic Mexican with a shit ass accent who gladly confirms my order and swipes my card. It almost bring me to fucking tears. We pull up to the next window and angels float around the drive-thru whore while she hands us the bag of fake authentic Mexican food goodness. Now I'm home and enjoying my cheesy chickeny goodness while listening to Killswitch Engage. Yes, I said chickeny, and it's now a work. Fuck you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

They Like Us......Sorta

Ok so the other day I'm fucking around on the twitter channel for Myndflip and got an add request from some user called twittit. I check it out, and they do some "Twitter of the Day" thing for whatever users. Ok, corny as shit, but whatever I guess.

Anyways, I get a message from them saying that we were selected to be the "Twitter of the Day". Hooray! Yeah not really, but hey.....some idiot was dumb enough to give our company an award for anything and not realize how stupid that is before they hit send, I'm all for it. So yeah, here's the message I got...

Twittitt Thanks Myndflip. Why Search? Just Twittitt ! You are our next Twitter Of The Day! @Twittitt
7:34 PM Feb 7th

So I check the site out, and it is what I figured. Corny promotional thing. Ok cool, it'll get more hits to the twitter channel of ours, which means more traffic to the main web site. The following few days I keep checking the site, and we show up nowhere. Ok, so I figure they prolly got smart and decided not to award us shit. Now I admit, that would be the smart thing on their end. Hell I don't want anything to do with us half the time. But no, you assclowns can't be fucking indian givers!!!

We're taking our pretigious "Twitter of the Day" award whether you want to put us on your page or not!!! I accept your apologies.

More Chat Log Fun

Ok, so here's another one for me to post up. If you want to check out the original I threw up last year, just click the tag for chat log fun and it should pull em all under that. Anyways, I think I was on Yahoo messenger talking to this fucking goober and she was dumb enough to actually believe all the shit I was telling her. Yeah the effort on my part was fucking amateur, but shit it took none really. The best thing about it, is that Summer was sitting right behind me laughing at the stupidity of it all. And just so you know, no, none of what I said about Summer was true in case you're dumb enough to believe it too......

russtel: how was your day off?
mentallyprovoked: good....sittin here chillin with summer messin with that ditty she won up htere and talking to ppl online
mentallyprovoked: nothing constructive
mentallyprovoked: lol
russtel: oh, I don't know summer
mentallyprovoked: she was up there
mentallyprovoked: not anymore
mentallyprovoked: before yall got it
mentallyprovoked: got in
russtel: yea, I sent her a message and she ignored it
russtel: so ok
mentallyprovoked: who? summer?
russtel: yea
russtel: no biggie
mentallyprovoked: who knows
mentallyprovoked: shes a strange one lol
russtel: yea, I had said something about her being a pee on
mentallyprovoked: ?
russtel: yea that I am on too
russtel: neways
mentallyprovoked: you called her a pee on?
russtel: no I said I was one
russtel: she has it in her profile she is a dell pee on
russtel: newasy
mentallyprovoked: lmao
mentallyprovoked: oh ok
mentallyprovoked: well, she was
russtel: so she has already gone Dell Badge?
mentallyprovoked: no she got canned
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: she has a problem with crack and smoked it in the bathroom
mentallyprovoked: the trackmarks were too noticeable
russtel: canned?
mentallyprovoked: yeah fired
russtel: recently?
mentallyprovoked: she was all juiced up and kicked chris blaine in the nuts
mentallyprovoked: started wiggin out and shit
mentallyprovoked: she called cineca a douchbag and spit in her face
mentallyprovoked: it was bad
russtel: how long ago?
mentallyprovoked: month or so
mentallyprovoked: it was fd up
mentallyprovoked: she rqan outta the bathroom hgh as shit and naked singing im a little teapot
russtel: sounds like the crack was controling her
mentallyprovoked: yeah shes in treatment now
mentallyprovoked: she jsut got out of depaul and i had to go pick her up
mentallyprovoked: im surprised none of yall in training didnt hear about it
russtel: nopers
mentallyprovoked: dang
mentallyprovoked: they try to stay quiet about shit like that
mentallyprovoked: shes lookin better now
mentallyprovoked: just a bad batch of yayo
mentallyprovoked: she tried to go after kyle marriot but they pinned her down
russtel: that suxs
mentallyprovoked: it was pretty fd
mentallyprovoked: she just coudnt handle the job
russtel: hmmmm ok
mentallyprovoked: thats prolly why she didnt reply
mentallyprovoked: ill tell her to check it though
mentallyprovoked: shes in the living room right now so ill wait til shes back in here
russtel: i wrote it a long time ago
russtel: oh ok
mentallyprovoked: she was prolly still checked in
russtel: are you dating her or something or just a good friend?
mentallyprovoked: not dating her....jsut rough sex is all when shes fd up
mentallyprovoked: lol
russtel: you aren't serious
mentallyprovoked: yeah
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: why wouldnt i be?
russtel: thats gross
mentallyprovoked: she lvoes nose candy
russtel: huh?
mentallyprovoked: yayo
mentallyprovoked: coke
mentallyprovoked: she snorts up alot
russtel: but you don't do any of that, right?
mentallyprovoked: nah
mentallyprovoked: no need
mentallyprovoked: she puts out need for me to get into it
russtel: she has a kid? wow
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: yup
mentallyprovoked: thought it was mine for a while there
mentallyprovoked: shes not a bad oen though
mentallyprovoked: just confused
russtel: ok, so you are her friend and just take advantage of her by having sex with her?
mentallyprovoked: im not taking advantage of her
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: shes willing?
russtel: sure if she is high
mentallyprovoked: they say it puts ya in the mood
mentallyprovoked: it dont really bother me as long as she aint got blow on her nose when she shows up
mentallyprovoked: then its a little akward
mentallyprovoked: fk hold on...she passed out on the floort
mentallyprovoked: brb
russtel: hmmmmmm.....
mentallyprovoked: ok back
mentallyprovoked: i was wrong
mentallyprovoked: she just tripped over a cat
russtel: oh ok
russtel: so she practically comes over when she wants sex from you?
mentallyprovoked: yeah thats usually when i see her
mentallyprovoked: otherwise she jsut sits around her place watching tv all day
russtel: what about her kid
russtel: ?\
mentallyprovoked: i dont see her as much since she aint workin up there anymore
mentallyprovoked: her kid watches tv too"? i dunno
russtel: I used to be like her, well without the drugs
russtel: so I can't really say anything
mentallyprovoked: a crack hoe with no job and a sex addiction?
russtel: not that much stuff
russtel: sex addiction
russtel: but you are probably too so that is why you are ok with it I suppose
mentallyprovoked: nah no drug issue with me.......its just an easy lay i guess? i dunno
mentallyprovoked: she sleeps on the couch though
russtel: that sounds so shallow
mentallyprovoked: aint my choice lol
mentallyprovoked: shes fn off
mentallyprovoked: i dunno if its some psychological guilt thing or what
russtel: uh huh, sure
mentallyprovoked: fuck i dunno
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: shes cleaning up though, so thats a plus
mentallyprovoked: least you dont have the blow problem
russtel: nevermind
russtel: so did you just play your game all day?
mentallyprovoked: nah was sittin round here till i picked her up
russtel: does she not have a car?
mentallyprovoked: nawp
mentallyprovoked: no liscence anyways
mentallyprovoked: got revoked
russtel: my gosh
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: traffic tickets...nothing serious
russtel: oh
mentallyprovoked: you dont think bad of her or something do ya?
russtel: I ain't judging
mentallyprovoked: eh we all have issues
russtel: I am just posting a response to a blog one of my friends wrote
mentallyprovoked: she wasnt that bad before when i went to school with her
russtel: thats good
mentallyprovoked: ill tell her to hit ya up onlien sometime if ya like
russtel: just one question..... are you pro or con to gays and gay marriage?
russtel: thats ok, she doesn't have too, besides she is your sex buddy, I would just feel weird. But do what you want
mentallyprovoked: why do you feel weird?
russtel: just odd
russtel: i have never had a friend that was on drugs before either
mentallyprovoked: shit you didnt go to waco high
mentallyprovoked: its where she picked up the habit
mentallyprovoked: it jsut flared up at dell cause she couldnt handle the job
russtel: I went to A J Moore
russtel has signed back in. (11/12/2005 10:17 PM)

russtel: shmoy oi voy
mentallyprovoked: wtf does that mean?
russtel: ha ha ha
russtel: just wanted to see what your reaction would be, I was right
mentallyprovoked: ummmm ok
russtel: Mycheck3?
mentallyprovoked: lol
d: its a wave file john sent me
russtel: oh ok
russtel: I still don't know who Chris Blaine is
mentallyprovoked: the head guy for the waco site
russtel: oh!
mentallyprovoked: see why she got canned?
russtel: wow, yea
mentallyprovoked: i thought it was a pretty good reason
mentallyprovoked: wasnt completely intentional
mentallyprovoked: but none the less
russtel: ha ha ha, yea
mentallyprovoked: in hindsight it was funny as hell
mentallyprovoked: aint seen shit like that up there before
russtel: you saw it?
mentallyprovoked: yeah
mentallyprovoked: pq is right next to their team
mentallyprovoked: and i was at lunch walkin about
russtel: ha ha ha
mentallyprovoked: i just stood there at first like oh shit
mentallyprovoked: then she started wiggin out
russtel: what did he say?
mentallyprovoked: nothing
mentallyprovoked: thats the fd up thing about it
mentallyprovoked: oh well
mentallyprovoked: whats done is done
russtel: yea
mentallyprovoked: you think badly of me?

Chat Log Fun

Ok, so being the idiots we are.....myself and the guys from Myndflip can be, well, assholes to people at times I guess you could say. So after sitting here around my place tonight and making fun of people, I had an idea. I've got a few chat logs, one of which I posted previously here, which should go up. The first one is actually a log from MySpace between Tim and some Slipknot fanboy.....

Feb 9, 2009 7:17 PM
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----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Subterranean Fecal Root (103094857)
To: Keg (104584833)
Date: Nov 19, 2006 1:57 AM

It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Keg
Date: Nov 18 2006 11:33 PM

"They PRACTICE, and WRITE their music."

so do you and dont lie. what you are playing is not improvisation.

That is fucking funny dude.

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Subterranean Fecal Root (NEW TRACKS UP!)
Date: Nov 18 2006 1:11 PM

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Inaphyt
Date: Nov 16 2006 9:55 AM

You can call slipknot 'false metal' all you want but the fact of the matter is they will always be better than you. and regardless of what you think you probably wouldnt even exist if it wasnt for bands like slipknot spreading metal.

Think about and write some new material too fucking fakes

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Subterranean Fecal Root (NEW TRACKS UP!)
Date: Nov 16 2006 6:46 AM

If we offended you by talking shit about your favorite band, don't worry! Only a meager 3000 people per month are viewing our little page anyway. Our insignificant opinions could never affect Slipknot. There will always be junior high kids with baggy pants and fitted baseball caps that want to take a break from Eminem and listen to a little Slipknot.

This is a COMEDY project for UNDERGROUND fans. You have us confused with a band that is trying to play shows and sell merchandise. We have never had a band practice, nor do we WRITE any music. It is a spastic studio joke, and clearly you don't get it.

I hope you can find other websites to view that don't hurt your feelings.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Inaphyt
Date: Nov 18 2006 12:59 AM

i listened to it for about 5 seconds and didnt want to get it thank you very much. Listen to bands like beneath the massacre maybe you can produce some comical but 'good sounding' metal at the same time.

P.s i dont even like slipknot but its true they are one of the main bands that created you and many many of your fans you should at least be thankful for that.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Subterranean Fecal Root (NEW TRACKS UP!)
Date: Nov 17 2006 9:35 PM

Thanks for the awesome reply. We enjoy our discussion with you, it is enlightening to say the least.

1. Beneath The Massacre are TRYING to make a good sound. They PRACTICE, and WRITE their music. We don't care that much, and have spent MAYBE 3 hours EVER on our music. That is why our music SUCKS, and it is hilarious that you think we wouldn't know it if you didn't tell us.

2. Dude, we are all 10-12 year older than you. You think Slipknot is the biggest band of all time because they have had platinum records since you were in elementary school. Do Slayer and Iron Maiden also owe Slipknot thanks for "creating" them? We thought Slipknot was a joke then, and we still do today. And as for our "fans" can we have fans if we don't play shows or release albums?

Again, you have confused us with someone aspiring to gain a wide audience of listeners.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Inaphyt
Date: Nov 18 2006 9:24 AM

"They PRACTICE, and WRITE their music."

so do you and dont lie. what you are playing is not improvisation.

"Think about and write some new material too fucking fakes"

Sorry for that comment that was out of order.

"You think Slipknot is the biggest band of all time because they have had platinum records since you were in elementary school."

I think slipknot have spread metal more than pretty much every other band out there including black sabbath and maiden. I couldnt care less how many albums they have or platinum records. Beneath the massacre are my favourite band they havent even got an album....

"And as for our "fans" can we have fans if we don't play shows or release albums?"

I'm not cursing you i hope you do get far with your music.. but to have fans you also have to be different and sound good and practise and write music.

The other thing is it sounds like you think im having a go at you when all im really doing is giving constructive criticism and wondering why you would hate a band that has successfully made metal known worldwide.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Subterranean Fecal Root (NEW TRACKS UP!)
Date: Nov 18 2006 3:09 PM

First of all dude, I don't think you are "having a go" at anyone. Neither are we. You made comments directed at us, and we respond accordingly. As far as I am concerned this is a civil, friendly conversation.

1. "I think slipknot have spread metal more than pretty much every other band out there including black sabbath and maiden."

Again I think that because you are so young you have a poor perspective of where metal comes from. These two bands have packed stadiums with diehard heavy metal fans since the 1970's. Slipknot got their big break on Ozzfest in the mid 1990's, which was their first tour. At that time Ozzfest had packed stadiums for years, so Slipknot was a sideshow clown (pun intended) to the real show.

In the mid 1990's true metal was fucked over and the wigger phenomenon like Korn and Limp Bizkit was in full force. Ozzy ans Sharon could just have easily picked any other of the millions of Coal Chamber bands that sounded exactly like Korn instead of Slipknot. However, Slipknot brings a bunch of gimps to run around on stage dressed up like retarded junkyard crack babies, so they got the spot on the tour just for having a gimmick.

2. "....wondering why you would hate a band that has successfully made metal known worldwide."

I love the underground, and every time some kid buys a Slipknot CD or shirt, they don't buy a Severed Savior or Magrudergrind item instead. When they play big stadium shows, They play with gay emo and mallcore bands instead of with underground bands. Therefore, they are working directly against the underground.

Your favorite band Beneath The Massacre is very special because they are good musicians and they are true metal. Slipknot is simplistic shitty garbage that sells because of gimmicks, not the music.I hope you realize that Slipknot is working AGAINST the music you love most by promoting nu-metal, not the underground

Monday, February 2, 2009

Shit I've Been Busy

Ok so I haven't been on here for shit recently. It's not that I've exactly neglected this thing, but with the launch of Myndflip Studios we've all been busy as hell getting it launched, and then launching the radio station. Might I mention I'm quite happy with how well it's doing so far. In two weeks we've managed to clear 50+ bands signing up to participate along with launching the company as a whole. Hit up and click the radio link to check it out.
So yeah, this shit is going real well. We've met a ton of badass bands, and partied our asses off with quite a few of them. We've even been fortunate enough to be part of the Siidshow 3 with DownsiiD and record each bands set and do interviews with them. We're in the lab doing final mastering on those and should have them up soon.
On a side note....I wanted to make one thing official. Although I happily admit that I enjoy jammin out to One-Eyed Doll, the singer seriously scares the beejesus out of me. Shit half the time I'm playing their music I'm afraid to turn it off under the fear that she'll jump out of my monitor and stab me in the fucking face. Check them out on MySpace.