Monday, February 9, 2009

More Chat Log Fun

Ok, so here's another one for me to post up. If you want to check out the original I threw up last year, just click the tag for chat log fun and it should pull em all under that. Anyways, I think I was on Yahoo messenger talking to this fucking goober and she was dumb enough to actually believe all the shit I was telling her. Yeah the effort on my part was fucking amateur, but shit it took none really. The best thing about it, is that Summer was sitting right behind me laughing at the stupidity of it all. And just so you know, no, none of what I said about Summer was true in case you're dumb enough to believe it too......

russtel: how was your day off?
mentallyprovoked: good....sittin here chillin with summer messin with that ditty she won up htere and talking to ppl online
mentallyprovoked: nothing constructive
mentallyprovoked: lol
russtel: oh, I don't know summer
mentallyprovoked: she was up there
mentallyprovoked: not anymore
mentallyprovoked: before yall got it
mentallyprovoked: got in
russtel: yea, I sent her a message and she ignored it
russtel: so ok
mentallyprovoked: who? summer?
russtel: yea
russtel: no biggie
mentallyprovoked: who knows
mentallyprovoked: shes a strange one lol
russtel: yea, I had said something about her being a pee on
mentallyprovoked: ?
russtel: yea that I am on too
russtel: neways
mentallyprovoked: you called her a pee on?
russtel: no I said I was one
russtel: she has it in her profile she is a dell pee on
russtel: newasy
mentallyprovoked: lmao
mentallyprovoked: oh ok
mentallyprovoked: well, she was
russtel: so she has already gone Dell Badge?
mentallyprovoked: no she got canned
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: she has a problem with crack and smoked it in the bathroom
mentallyprovoked: the trackmarks were too noticeable
russtel: canned?
mentallyprovoked: yeah fired
russtel: recently?
mentallyprovoked: she was all juiced up and kicked chris blaine in the nuts
mentallyprovoked: started wiggin out and shit
mentallyprovoked: she called cineca a douchbag and spit in her face
mentallyprovoked: it was bad
russtel: how long ago?
mentallyprovoked: month or so
mentallyprovoked: it was fd up
mentallyprovoked: she rqan outta the bathroom hgh as shit and naked singing im a little teapot
russtel: sounds like the crack was controling her
mentallyprovoked: yeah shes in treatment now
mentallyprovoked: she jsut got out of depaul and i had to go pick her up
mentallyprovoked: im surprised none of yall in training didnt hear about it
russtel: nopers
mentallyprovoked: dang
mentallyprovoked: they try to stay quiet about shit like that
mentallyprovoked: shes lookin better now
mentallyprovoked: just a bad batch of yayo
mentallyprovoked: she tried to go after kyle marriot but they pinned her down
russtel: that suxs
mentallyprovoked: it was pretty fd
mentallyprovoked: she just coudnt handle the job
russtel: hmmmm ok
mentallyprovoked: thats prolly why she didnt reply
mentallyprovoked: ill tell her to check it though
mentallyprovoked: shes in the living room right now so ill wait til shes back in here
russtel: i wrote it a long time ago
russtel: oh ok
mentallyprovoked: she was prolly still checked in
russtel: are you dating her or something or just a good friend?
mentallyprovoked: not dating her....jsut rough sex is all when shes fd up
mentallyprovoked: lol
russtel: you aren't serious
mentallyprovoked: yeah
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: why wouldnt i be?
russtel: thats gross
mentallyprovoked: she lvoes nose candy
russtel: huh?
mentallyprovoked: yayo
mentallyprovoked: coke
mentallyprovoked: she snorts up alot
russtel: but you don't do any of that, right?
mentallyprovoked: nah
mentallyprovoked: no need
mentallyprovoked: she puts out need for me to get into it
russtel: she has a kid? wow
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: yup
mentallyprovoked: thought it was mine for a while there
mentallyprovoked: shes not a bad oen though
mentallyprovoked: just confused
russtel: ok, so you are her friend and just take advantage of her by having sex with her?
mentallyprovoked: im not taking advantage of her
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: shes willing?
russtel: sure if she is high
mentallyprovoked: they say it puts ya in the mood
mentallyprovoked: it dont really bother me as long as she aint got blow on her nose when she shows up
mentallyprovoked: then its a little akward
mentallyprovoked: fk hold on...she passed out on the floort
mentallyprovoked: brb
russtel: hmmmmmm.....
mentallyprovoked: ok back
mentallyprovoked: i was wrong
mentallyprovoked: she just tripped over a cat
russtel: oh ok
russtel: so she practically comes over when she wants sex from you?
mentallyprovoked: yeah thats usually when i see her
mentallyprovoked: otherwise she jsut sits around her place watching tv all day
russtel: what about her kid
russtel: ?\
mentallyprovoked: i dont see her as much since she aint workin up there anymore
mentallyprovoked: her kid watches tv too"? i dunno
russtel: I used to be like her, well without the drugs
russtel: so I can't really say anything
mentallyprovoked: a crack hoe with no job and a sex addiction?
russtel: not that much stuff
russtel: sex addiction
russtel: but you are probably too so that is why you are ok with it I suppose
mentallyprovoked: nah no drug issue with me.......its just an easy lay i guess? i dunno
mentallyprovoked: she sleeps on the couch though
russtel: that sounds so shallow
mentallyprovoked: aint my choice lol
mentallyprovoked: shes fn off
mentallyprovoked: i dunno if its some psychological guilt thing or what
russtel: uh huh, sure
mentallyprovoked: fuck i dunno
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: shes cleaning up though, so thats a plus
mentallyprovoked: least you dont have the blow problem
russtel: nevermind
russtel: so did you just play your game all day?
mentallyprovoked: nah was sittin round here till i picked her up
russtel: does she not have a car?
mentallyprovoked: nawp
mentallyprovoked: no liscence anyways
mentallyprovoked: got revoked
russtel: my gosh
mentallyprovoked: lol
mentallyprovoked: traffic tickets...nothing serious
russtel: oh
mentallyprovoked: you dont think bad of her or something do ya?
russtel: I ain't judging
mentallyprovoked: eh we all have issues
russtel: I am just posting a response to a blog one of my friends wrote
mentallyprovoked: she wasnt that bad before when i went to school with her
russtel: thats good
mentallyprovoked: ill tell her to hit ya up onlien sometime if ya like
russtel: just one question..... are you pro or con to gays and gay marriage?
russtel: thats ok, she doesn't have too, besides she is your sex buddy, I would just feel weird. But do what you want
mentallyprovoked: why do you feel weird?
russtel: just odd
russtel: i have never had a friend that was on drugs before either
mentallyprovoked: shit you didnt go to waco high
mentallyprovoked: its where she picked up the habit
mentallyprovoked: it jsut flared up at dell cause she couldnt handle the job
russtel: I went to A J Moore
russtel has signed back in. (11/12/2005 10:17 PM)

russtel: shmoy oi voy
mentallyprovoked: wtf does that mean?
russtel: ha ha ha
russtel: just wanted to see what your reaction would be, I was right
mentallyprovoked: ummmm ok
russtel: Mycheck3?
mentallyprovoked: lol
d: its a wave file john sent me
russtel: oh ok
russtel: I still don't know who Chris Blaine is
mentallyprovoked: the head guy for the waco site
russtel: oh!
mentallyprovoked: see why she got canned?
russtel: wow, yea
mentallyprovoked: i thought it was a pretty good reason
mentallyprovoked: wasnt completely intentional
mentallyprovoked: but none the less
russtel: ha ha ha, yea
mentallyprovoked: in hindsight it was funny as hell
mentallyprovoked: aint seen shit like that up there before
russtel: you saw it?
mentallyprovoked: yeah
mentallyprovoked: pq is right next to their team
mentallyprovoked: and i was at lunch walkin about
russtel: ha ha ha
mentallyprovoked: i just stood there at first like oh shit
mentallyprovoked: then she started wiggin out
russtel: what did he say?
mentallyprovoked: nothing
mentallyprovoked: thats the fd up thing about it
mentallyprovoked: oh well
mentallyprovoked: whats done is done
russtel: yea
mentallyprovoked: you think badly of me?

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