Monday, February 9, 2009

They Like Us......Sorta

Ok so the other day I'm fucking around on the twitter channel for Myndflip and got an add request from some user called twittit. I check it out, and they do some "Twitter of the Day" thing for whatever users. Ok, corny as shit, but whatever I guess.

Anyways, I get a message from them saying that we were selected to be the "Twitter of the Day". Hooray! Yeah not really, but hey.....some idiot was dumb enough to give our company an award for anything and not realize how stupid that is before they hit send, I'm all for it. So yeah, here's the message I got...

Twittitt Thanks Myndflip. Why Search? Just Twittitt ! You are our next Twitter Of The Day! @Twittitt
7:34 PM Feb 7th

So I check the site out, and it is what I figured. Corny promotional thing. Ok cool, it'll get more hits to the twitter channel of ours, which means more traffic to the main web site. The following few days I keep checking the site, and we show up nowhere. Ok, so I figure they prolly got smart and decided not to award us shit. Now I admit, that would be the smart thing on their end. Hell I don't want anything to do with us half the time. But no, you assclowns can't be fucking indian givers!!!

We're taking our pretigious "Twitter of the Day" award whether you want to put us on your page or not!!! I accept your apologies.

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