Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy busy busy.....

Ok so I haven't posted in a couple of weeks or so I think at this point. I've actually been pretty busy lately, which kinda sucks cause I prefer to be a lazy slacker if at all possible.
Of course we have the Circuit City liquidation going still. They closed our store early, so T and I are driving to the Harker Heights store just to keep a regular paycheck rolling in. The drive blows ass, but it's cool hanging out with Billy again who was a manager at our store. So it's a bit of a balance.
The radio station shit is going well so far and keeping us busy. We all went out to Siidshow3 at Legends here in Waco a week ago and worked that show. Hopefully soon we should have the editing done from that one. Last night we 13th had a show in Temple, so T just took his gear to work and we headed straight over afterwards. Gotta was a hell of a show. Honestly though, I could do without all the emo's there.....but whatever. One of those things you have to deal with.
Oh Noez!! Teh Emoz!!!
But yeah, good times regardless. I was actually pretty surprised on how good the sound was in the building. Too bad it's a hole in the wall bar outside of Temple that's a pain in the ass to find. We drove I don't know how many miles down FM 93 and thought we were on the wrong end, turned around, and finally called them only to find out we were going the right way originally. We only needed to go another couple of miles. Bastards......
Speaking of that show......does anyone have pics of the two lesbian chicks that were up by the stage during the Pain Filled Silent set? Yeah baby!
One last thing before I go.
I hate this guy so much. I can't stand the stupidity of infomercials and stupid products like the Shamwow bullshit, but then they have to put this assclown as their salesman? Please someone, beat him senseless with his fucking headset until he bleeds out. Make sure to get it on video too, as I'll proudly use it as jerk off material. I've got my bottle of Jergen's and plenty of wishful thinking on this one.....

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