Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chat Fun With Stacy

Ok, so I'm gonna throw up another little chat log. A bit of back story first about Stacy and why she's even relevant to anything....

Stacy is the one who does the photo modeling for the Myndflip Radio banners for us. You can check them out at and clicking the banners link. Anyways, it's worked out to be a cool deal. She doesn't hit us up for money, which makes me happy, and we get some kick ass banners while she just has fun with it. So anyways, Stacy and I have this odd she wants to kill me but just can't quite pull the trigger kind of thing going. Although she throws me as much shit as I return, it's always technically my fault. So I caught up with her on messenger this evening since I haven't talked to her in the last couple of days. And before you ask, yes, she always starts off any conversation we have my calling me a punk, slut, or something similar. It's her own special way of saying hello, so I simply just follow suit....
Nick [Myndflip]: punk
stacy: ass
Nick [Myndflip]: heh
Nick [Myndflip]: whats up hun?
stacy: not much. bout to go to bed... lol
stacy: u?
Nick [Myndflip]: this early?
Nick [Myndflip]: wtf
stacy: ive been up since 4am!
Nick [Myndflip]: ouch
Nick [Myndflip]: whats this surgery shit you mentioned?
stacy: yep.. it sucks
stacy: blah
Nick [Myndflip]: whats it for?
stacy: they hafta "break" my jaw
stacy: and re align it
stacy: haha
Nick [Myndflip]: what the hell did you do to it?
stacy: nothing.. its just not "balanced"
Nick [Myndflip]: causing you pain?
stacy: nope
Nick [Myndflip]: so why do you have to do surgery instead of ignoring it?
stacy: because thats what the dr recommends
stacy: grr
Nick [Myndflip]: ok so you wont remove your tonils which is causing an immediate issue, but youll have someone break your jaw for no real reason?
stacy: haha.
stacy: i know. im totally weird
Nick [Myndflip]: shit save some money and drive down here....ill break the thing for ya....
Nick [Myndflip]: so much cheaper
Nick [Myndflip]: plus itll amuse the shit outta me
stacy: haha. im not payin for it
stacy: so BOOYA
Nick [Myndflip]: but youre still missing the my amusement part here....very important
stacy: shut up
stacy: punkass
stacy: lol
Nick [Myndflip]:
Nick [Myndflip]: so how long is your head gonna be wired like an FCC nightmare?
stacy: grr....
stacy: see, too much info in your hands is dangerous
Nick [Myndflip]: lol
Nick [Myndflip]: lies
stacy: truths
Nick [Myndflip]: i know how they do most of that....dated this chick who was supposed to have it done. I supported that one cause it fd with the way she talked and it annoyed the piss out of me
Nick [Myndflip]: how logn did they say youll be down?
Nick [Myndflip]: i swear to god i wont make a shit remark out of it
stacy: lies
Nick [Myndflip]: hey if i promise ya something its done
Nick [Myndflip]: try me...
Nick [Myndflip]: ok fine then dont
stacy: grr
Nick [Myndflip]: oh calm down
Nick [Myndflip]: well regardless of that, i hope you make a speedy recovery
Nick [Myndflip]: and you better make sure to keep me updated
Nick [Myndflip]: ill even refrain from jokes
stacy: will do homeslice
Nick [Myndflip]: what time you have to be at work tomorrow?
stacy: 720am
stacy: and i have to work ALL DAY
Nick [Myndflip]: wtf
Nick [Myndflip]: why again?
stacy: because the dudes fiances water broke today at 6am.. so he wont be able to work the rest of the week
stacy: GAY
Nick [Myndflip]: i thought she already popped out that fatheaded bastid
stacyc12: nope.. last time it was a false alarm
Nick [Myndflip]: ghey
stacy: very
Nick [Myndflip]: tell her to close her fn legs next time and get a damn hobby....shes becoming an inconvenience
stacy: lol
stacy: totally
stacy: no thank yous to stacy for her pictures??
stacy: i just read your bulletin
stacy: ha
Nick [Myndflip]: hey now...ive thanked you a million times
Nick [Myndflip]: such an attention whore lol
stacy: i see how you roll...
Nick [Myndflip]: and yes.....tytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytyty
stacy: jerk
stacyc12: haha
Nick [Myndflip]: nothing but love punk
stacy: word.
Nick [Myndflip]: so when is the surgery?
stacy: bout 2wks
Nick [Myndflip]: weak
stacy: totally
Nick [Myndflip]: gonna bailk for a bit to find food...ill txt ya if youre up still
stacy has signed out. (3/11/2009 10:18 PM)
Last message received on 3/11 at 7:56 PM

This is the normal every day conversation with her. I even sent over a couple of texts later on giving her more shit about it. I think one mentioned a human pez machine. I love my friends.
Speedy recovery slut!!

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