Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cris Brown Is Harmless Now

So we all know that Chris Brown like to slap women around.  And let's be honest here, it may not be a polite thing to do, but he's pretty damn good at it.  He left Rihanna looking like she stole something.

What this shows me, is solid use of the left hook.  He's like a pussy version of Mike Tyson almost.  Why waste time with a jab, when you can Hulk smash everything and go right for the knockout?

But now, it's time for all those loyal fans to rejoice!  Chris Brown is reformed!

Thankfully for all of us, he's completed his anti ho-slappin courses and is a new man.  Let's all stand up and support the new and improved Chris Brown!  Now, who's the first lucky lady to "test the waters" and see if the therapy really worked?  Here's a and weave.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Podcast This Week

I might as well take advantage of the free time I'm getting to get some other productive shit done right?  Hmmmm......nah!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Fucking Rule Google

I'm the king of the world bitch!!!

Masturbation Material

My electric bill was only $91.56!!!  I haven't a sub $200 bill in forever.  Of course, all the damn electronics and my fixation on freezing room temp doesn't help any.

It's time to jerk it like a teen who got their first hard on to Playboy.

This Makes Me Miss Super Mario Brothers

The Brothers Mario: A story about coins, mushrooms and gangland violence

This needs to be an actual game.....this is a MUST! I would cut off some dude's right nut (not my own of course), for this shit. Kudos to those fuckers at The Game Station for coming up with this.

What happens when you cross Grand Theft Auto and the Mario Brothers?

Come Take My Cheetos Biiitch!

I'll fuck your shit up!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Awwwww yeah!

Keepin the herpes off mah penis from them dirty hoez!
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Monday, December 6, 2010

A Slayer Christmas

This brings tears of happiness to my eyes....

Hotsauce and the Cornhole Explorations

I try not to let myself get too old and start to become a prude.  I try to keep my mind open.....really.

When it comes to sex, I realize that people all have their thing.  They like feet, tits, leather, saddles, the whole lot.  I tend to think that after numerous years of Real Sex on HBO in my early years, and then the internet, I've seen or heard of it all.  I can still be caught off guard however....

Hotsauce....right in the ass.

I had a co-worker today that for reasons I won't ever understand, decided to confess this to our whole team. Now I wasn't part of the beginning of this conversation, but I doubt someone randomly said "so what has everyone had lodged up their ass this year?"

I can't make up shit like this.  This dude, who we shall now refer to as "Agent Anus", let his woman stick her finger in hot sauce, then park it right in his ass.  Apparently, he was quite content with this.  My friends, there are certain things that I like to consider "poor life choices" and this is one of them.

I personally am not one to let any woman stick a finger up my ass for any reason.  I've never allowed this to happen, and I'm quite satisfied in the quality of life I have enjoyed with that choice.  My asshole will never be a "taco salad with a little zing to it".


No one who was originally involved in this is quite sure how this topic came about.  And yes, we're all a bit creeped out.  Despite this, Agent Anus still tries to claim he has maintained his dignity and manhood.  Yes, you read that right.  Your bitch turned your cornhole into a Taco Bell ad, and you say you still have dignity??

Fuck this, I'll just get old and accept that some shit just doesn't make any sense.  No finger is goin up my ass without a city getting burned down.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Now This is an Interesting Proposition

Really now?

Not to Brag or Anything....

But yeah, this is my phone. And it is pure awesome. #fistpump

Peyton Manning: The Dallas Cowboys MVP

Now don't get me wrong, I like Peyton....he's an awesome QB.  He even pissed me off when he started pulling his Peyton shit in the 4th quarter to get back in the game.  I honestly thought it was all over and Dallas was a goner.

Luckily, I was wrong.  And 4 interceptions later, 2 of those taken back to the for a touchdown, we have our game MVP.

Now I know other guys could get the argument.  Kitna played solid, Choice showed they have something of a running game again.  Let's face it, 4 picks!

We, the Dallas Cowboys fans, select Peyton Manning as game MVP for 12/5/10!