Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AT&T eats T-Mobile

Well, if you work at T-Mobile, get ready to probably lose your job.  If you're an AT&T customer, welcome to equivalent of waking up the next morning with a bar slut on the other side of the bed and realizing your dick already itches.

Reports are out now that AT&T is looking to buy T-Mobile for about $39 billion in cash and stocks.  That's a pretty good amount of money to drop to buy the bitch of the cellular market.  Let's make something clear though.   This isn't to improve competition, or make for a better customer experience.  When AT&T bought Cingular and claimed left and right you would all get more bars in more places, none of it happened.  Hell half of you can't manage to get your phone to work like a normal phone in major markets.  They also claims it keeps pricing more competitive.  That is pure bullshit.  Being competitive requires competition you dickwads. Pricing in a market NEVER improves when you consolidate all the choices.

Why did they buy it?  Simple....resources and market.  The buyout moves them to owning something close to 70% of the cellular market, and gives them all that 4G network goodness that they couldn't get out there on their own.  And yes, their HSPA+ network is still up for debate of being called 4G like Obama's birth certificate is up for debate of being called legit.  Or hell, in some cases, even existing.....

So here you go T-Mo's bad enough that you were already on the little company that could service, but now you're getting the clap from the dirtiest whore on the block.  Let us all hope that in the next year of reviews that this gets declined.

Kinda makes ya wonder if they feel like total shit running these commercials, only to get bought out months later.

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