Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fire at work (bring the joints and burgers)

So I'm like 30 minutes into shift, sitting on my ass being lazy and plotting to stay unproductive.  The normal routine.  Out of nowhere people start talking about shit is on fire and running to the windows.  I go to see what the fuss is, and the whole back field is lit up.

And no, this is no small fire.  We have a field that stretches from the Acer parking lot, and then across ours and it stretched the whole length.  And for added entertainment, the wind has been kicking back and forth between 10-20 mph all day.  Yes children, it's time for daddy and his friends to make smores and light blunts!

Kudos to the fire department who had to chase this fucking thing all over as the window kept moving it an lighting up random areas.