Friday, March 4, 2011

Random rants....

I've come to the conclusion that I have a love hate relationship with the winter season.  I hate summer, because I hate the heat.  That stays pretty simple.  Winter makes me happy.  There's no bugs, and the bill for my air conditioning is cheap.  This I consider to be a win-win.

However, I've been reminded of something I managed to forget this season.....I get sick as fuck non stop.  This being the main reason I haven't posted shit recently.  I have managed to log in a large amount of training hours either on my bed or couch.  In case there was any confusion, bronchitis and pneumonia both really suck.  Mix in food poisoning just for extra effect.  Hooray me.  So finally I think I'm almost over this shit.  I hope anyways.  Still some chest congestion which I'm going to see the doc about today.  The only upside is using a nebulizer that makes me look like I'm hosting a drug party with Charlie Sheen.  Maybe the doc will give me a scrip for tiger blood to get over this shit.

Speaking of Charlie Sheen....he is my new fucking hero.  Any guy who claims he's going to defeat his evil boss because he's a warlock and gifted with tiger blood and Adonis DNA is ok in my book.  Don't hold a man down if he wants to party like a rock star by getting ridiculously coked up and fucking porn stars in the ass.  The Fn Icon declares this as completely acceptable.

Side note.  If someone tells you quitting smoking makes you feel better, punch them in the fucking face.  It's been a week now.  I hate every one of you, and the assholes who try to pep me up by saying that.  I'm going to run over your fucking children.

Oh, found out today some of the articles here and there from Nick and Nanner on Tech are getting linked up on Dolled Up Daily in their tech section.  Kudos to them for using my fine pieces of journalism!  Ok I'm kidding.  I'm no journalist, and all I do is make fun of shit.  But hey, it's free promotion!  The tech section is down towards the bottom of the page.  I need to pay her off to move it up some.

Oh, I also made it on The Collard Sheep for their update this week from #newsfromthecube for this week.  It seems I'm getting a little popular on this here interwebz thingy.

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