Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Well shit.....

Ok so I got my new phone in yesterday and got it all activated after I got home.  I would love to actually be doing this post from said phone, bragging about it, etc.....

However within 24 hours the fucking thing caught a defective touch screen illness and it's going back.  Should have the replacement by Thursday or so, so the Blackberry is reactivated for now.  I almost put my old Android phone back on, but that thing doesn't have shit for memory and I always kill it.

The other highlight of the night besides the phone...I got attitude from someone who's pic is Chester Cheetah.  How the fuck am I supposed to take that seriously?

In order news.....rumor has it women masturbate to me.  Thanks.....but that's kinda dumb lol.  Stick to porn sites for the quality material.

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