Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drunk Call from @BRBimonfire

This is the running tally of events during a total of 40 minutes talk time on a drunk call I got from  tonight.  Keep in mind I didn't do much talking at all, as she tends to be rather talkative once the rounds have been flowing at Applebee's.

Upon the calls being done, and getting time for my head to stop spinning.....I'm still just as confused as I was to begin with.

Total hang ups and callbacks: 3
Changed Topics: 7
Telling me I'm awesome: 2
Accidentally deleted an app while on call: 1
Thought life would end over deleted app: 3
Called someone else mid sentence: 1
Thought she was talking to someone else in person and ended call: 1
Times no one was really there she thought she was talking to and ended call: 1
Texts sent to me when she was talking to someone else who called that made NO sense: 2
Serious train of thought, followed by question, then lost train of thought: 1
Tweets send that also made NO sense after she got call from someone else: 2
Declared she's a pirate, and they get booty like gold and not real booty: 1
Forgetting why she called back, other than she said she would: 2
Attempts at remembering what she drank: 2
Realizing what she texted made no sense and trying to figure it out: 1
Used the phrase "too legit to quit": 1
Forgetting about what she just talked about 3 minutes prior: 9
Rants over wanting cheese: 1
"Oh my gosh" said: 27
"Holy Bajeebus" said: 13
Random topic switch to drawing a cat: 2
Me responding "I don't know what to say to that": 32
Me scratching my head in confusion: 53
Calling her iphone a "stupid beeeyotch": 2