Friday, July 1, 2011

Fuck yes! Got my Google+ invite and luvin this shit!

Ok so I slipped up bigtime and got lucky and recovered on this one.  I knew the Google+ beta was about to hit, and in very uncommon fashion, I didn't get in to sign up for the beta.  As soon as I realized I was launch day, I was sitting at work with my dipshit employers who fail to realize the importance of me being a part of things like this.  Sad for a technology based company.  So there I was, sitting in my cube, unable to pull up the sign up page from my phone or through the shitty outdated IE browser they provide us.

However, I was saved by the awesomeness of @Team_Android and @TiffyFone with invites from each sitting in my inbox when I finally went to lunch.  Fuck yes!!!

EDIT:  Missed two other people who sent invites and don't want to not give credit.  @CassDroid and @xCapsGirlx.

Got home, registered the invite, and realized Google has already done a hell of a job with it and the beta is only like 3 days old right now.  It's already a legit contender to the fucking Facebook shit.  Truly based on social media, and thankfully none of those shitty spyware games and apps that these idiots keeping spamming me with daily.

Fuck all of you and your fucking game requests.

But anyways, back to my happiness.  Hopefully I should soon have some invites to send out and I'm keeping a list of people who asked for them once I do.  And to the people who kept spamming me for an invite on Twitter that I don't even a dick motherfucker.

FYI....the Android app they already have for it is pretty fn sweet too!

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