Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Day in Pictures

Today has been a rather interesting day.  Me and Kev were just out running errands and trying not to die of heat stroke, and saw some of the oddest shit I didn't think I'd ever run across.

So to start, general run of the mill day.  Game plan is to hit up a couple of novelty stores to cop some shit for the studio and dress it up a bit, then hit the grocery store and pick up some shit for the deep fryer later on.  Nothing spectacular at all.  This is figured with good reason to be a boring afternoon.

So we hit the novelty store and decide we're gonna get some metal band banners to hang up.  Found one for Slayer which was a score, and another from the old And Justice for All album from Metallica.  Pics for those sometime later once we get it all set up.

Anyways.....still uneventful.  Next stop is the liquor store.  Had to restock the Jager supply.  This is absolute necessity.

This always makes for good times.  Anyways, pick this up and Jenny decides she wants to go across the street and get Baskin Robbins.  We're down with that.  So we park and head to the door to go in, and I can't believe what I'm seeing.  This fool has a truck all beat to shit on the drivers side, with NO FUCKING DOOR.  Why the fuck do you drive around with a fucking door missing?  And why the fuck does running a chain across it like it's a roller coaster seem like a good idea???

I thought I did well just to snap a couple of pics of this when I got there.  Notice the awesome chain used to replace the door.  I'm sure this is TOTALLY safe and street legal.

Imagine my surprise when the owner and his buddy end up leaving the same time as I do.  These pics really confirm the awesomeness of the chain door replacement.  All auto makers should look into this option.  I'm sure it's just as safe as a normal door, but more aerodynamic with better gas mileage.
So I'm thinking to myself, I have the highlight of my day now.  This is fucking awesome, and nothing can beat it.  Especially since the next stop is the grocery store.  I hate that place in general, but more so on weekends.

I don't do well in grocery stores, and today was no exception.  When me and Kevin are in the same place together it's worse.  We both have an issue in places like this where we get bitchy after being in there too long, and start to talk shit to well......anyone.  Just ask the random chick who weighed as much as a buffalo and chose to wear real short shorts and boots.  She was made full aware beer goggles is the only way she'll get any dick.

So finally we're done with the store.  Thankfully...

So we pull out of the parking lot, and not 15 yards down the street there's cop cars and what appears to be a wreck.  This is nothing new on that part of Hewitt Drive.  With all the stores in that area and being right off the highway, people drive like total fucktards and hit eachother all the.  We creep by, and I'll be damned if this motherfuckers car isn't upside down in the turn lane.  How.....the......fuck.......????

I know you can flip a car.  The physics are obvious.  This particular area though most people only do around 30 or so there despite the 50 MPH limit just because of the lights and all the stores they're always going into.  I wish we could have pulled over to find out how the fuck he managed to pull this off.

What really made this great when we drove by is this cat was on the other side leaned up against the car and smoking like he was just hanging out waiting on someone.  Like this shit never happened. 


Sunday, August 21, 2011

New podcast up....Adventures in Parenting

I think we covered the spread of all stupidity this week.  The show starts with the shocking news of Life of Agony front man becoming a woman, and our willingness to whore out to DirecTV for a fat contract and TV deal.

Parenting is an absolute fail as we cover how to toughen up your kid if he's a sissy, and the deathly experiences of Six Flags.  Hey, the Spartans started beating their kids at like age 7 and those little bastards fear nothing!!!

We had some video we had to share off Red Eye with Chris Brown getting put on blast like a bitch, and PETA is adventuring into the world of hardcore port to save a dolphin.  Is ass fucking a dolphin ethical treatment?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TFSE #21

Got the new show up for those who haven't caught it yet, so go hit the links for it!  Not sure if we're going to record this weekend as Kevin will be out of town.  If he's back in a descent time we will.

We finally for a lot of the audio kinks worked out we've been having issues with from the old system we were recording on, so the overall quality should be much improved.

And I'm working on lining up guests for upcoming shows since we're settled into the new place now.  Still no ETA on when we'll live stream again, so I'll just have to keep ya posted.

Peace bitches!

Never Fails to Make Me Laugh

Me: I'm gonna chase you with a picture of Godzilla.  RAWR!!!

Her: I'm Filipino, not dickface!!

Me:  O.o

Her:  >.<

Monday, August 1, 2011

Google+ Suspension = FN Weak

Yeah, I just got my shit on Google+ suspended cause of the word "FN" in my display name.  Are you dickholes kidding me?  Name changed for now...just waiting on the suspension to lift.  Fuck you douchebags.

Yes, @chrissyteigen is now the Most Awesome Model Ever

Here's a bit of old school math for everyone.....

What do you get when you take a super hot swimsuit model who's in the Madden NFL Pigskin Pro-Am game.....

Then add to that an excessive amount of Gatorade drinking while sitting on the sidelines looking cute for the cameras.....

Remember kids.....we covered this in grade school. What does it equal?

Projectile vomiting with reckless abandon and one hell of a tweet to accompany it!

Yes, from what I hear, she took out 4 small children and an elderly woman in the process. Ok, I totally made that shit up, but it sounds real good doesn't it?

I'm now in absolute lust, and she must have my children. That it all.

If someone has pics/vid of this incident, email them to me ASAP!!

The Weekend is Over

Why the fuck can't I get one more day???  I was actually enjoying this weekend!!

So I did my normal thing of staying up late as fuck Friday night, and as soon as I wake up Saturday the roomie Kev (twitter) tells me we're grabbin some chicken and workin the deep fryer.  Fuck yes!!!  Took all day to track down some of the shit we needed for it and the cooking took majority of the evening, but 3 birds later it was worth it.  Had a ton of leftovers.



Despite the suckage of driving around town all day to get the shit we needed to get this thing out of storage, and then getting it running, I did manage a new pair of kicks.  Had to replace the old ones this color.

Also got my new Android cap in...fuck yes I rock this daily!

No podcast recorded this weekend which sucks a bit, but back at it next weekend once Kev is back in town.    Whole house to myself....yes!!