Monday, August 1, 2011

The Weekend is Over

Why the fuck can't I get one more day???  I was actually enjoying this weekend!!

So I did my normal thing of staying up late as fuck Friday night, and as soon as I wake up Saturday the roomie Kev (twitter) tells me we're grabbin some chicken and workin the deep fryer.  Fuck yes!!!  Took all day to track down some of the shit we needed for it and the cooking took majority of the evening, but 3 birds later it was worth it.  Had a ton of leftovers.



Despite the suckage of driving around town all day to get the shit we needed to get this thing out of storage, and then getting it running, I did manage a new pair of kicks.  Had to replace the old ones this color.

Also got my new Android cap in...fuck yes I rock this daily!

No podcast recorded this weekend which sucks a bit, but back at it next weekend once Kev is back in town.    Whole house to myself....yes!!

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