Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fuck You Sinuses!

So much for having a good day.  I started feeling shitty last night and thought I may be coming down with something.  With all the assholes I work with that come into work sick as fuck, and then the Halloween event last week with all the sick kids, this was a definite possibility.

So I loaded up on pills last night and prayed I could sleep it off.  Here's the thing about Texas weather when we transition from summer to winter.  It changes back and forth all the fucking time.  One week it's 80+, then some damn cold front rolls through and you max out at 50 for a week.  Because of this, you never know for sure what you're coming down with.  I love this state, but fuck it drives me insane.

So I pass out last night, and wake up like 2 hours later than normal today feeling like absolute ass.  Diagnosis: sinus death.  I could literally lay here and when I moved my head, I could feel it all shift around.  Fuck me, I don't need this shit.  I've started taking Zyrtec, but only for like 2 days now so that shit hasn't taken effect yet.  So off to the bathroom to pop any pill with a box that says sinus relief on it and snort Nasonex like I'm a coke head on a 4 week bender.  I would like to say I've done something during the day that was productive or worth bragging about, but all I've really managed to do was eat and sleep.

And yes, I've slept a lot.  So much so it's almost 3am and I'm wide awake.  Fuck.

On the bright side, I did cop a free dinner at Dairy Queen.  Went to the drive thru window to pay for my shit and their register apparently crapped out.  I waited around for them to reboot it and whatever, and they offered to comp the food due to the wait.  Hell if I knew that would happen I would have loaded up on shit.  It actually made it wort having to get out of bed in the first place.  I was starving my ass off and disregarding the whole eating part just because I didn't want to move.  So glad for the invention of the drive thru so I didn't have to go in there wearing cloth shorts and house shoes.

God I hope my head is back to normal tomorrow.....