Monday, January 30, 2012

Fuck You Monday

That's pretty self-explanatory and I really shouldn't have to post anything after it.  I want my weekend back.....and my bed.....and jager.......and boobs.....and more get the idea.

Oh well, off to another day in the office.

I need to stop staying up so damn late at night.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The new show is posted along with the IHOP fun.

Episode 28:  Blasphemy, Oh Sweet Blasphemy

Ok so I sobered up enough to get the new podcast posted up.....sorry for the delay :P

We finally got the web feed going for the show so you can watch us live when we record Saturday nights now. Much appreciation to the people who made it in with us.  We tried to rock it with the fake mustaches just for the hell of it, but they were being a pain in the ass.

Celebrations are in order as Tim Tebow is FINALLY out of the damn playoffs and was completely destroyed by the Patriots.  Thank you Tom Brady.....thank you.

Buddy Christ is in studio with us now and made an appearance.

We're working on getting Cam on with us next weekend as technical problems prevented it this week.

Post show we hit up IHOP for the awesomess that is waffles.  We even got to meet the creepiest pedobear motherfucker I've seen in some time now.  I'm still amazed the cops didn't fuck with us any as I was non stop mocking the pedobear, and Kevin started blaring out Buffalo Bill quotes.

You can download the new show by clicking HERE

Special thanks to Jennie, Katie, and Annette for joining us on this one!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Texas Tweetup...Come Meet the Legend!! #TXtweetup

Oh fuck yes!!!!

We're gonna fuck shit up in Dallas on March 31st!  Time to round up everyone and see how quick we can get drunk and arrested.  : D

Everyone is invited even if you live out of state.  We still got love for you too.  I'll be up there sometime Friday so we can start hanging out then. Come out and meet the FN icon himself!!!

All the info is on the link below.  Make sure you go to it and hit the reservation for the event.  Now stop fucking around and go register.  You'll get an email with the confirmation and tickets and such.  I'm hoping by Tuesday I'll have info on group rates for hotels for anyone who doesn't have a hookup on a place to stay.   Email me if you have any fn questions on this shit.  Start planning now assholes, I don't do meet and greet shit much.  Sobriety normally doesn't allow for it hahahahhaahahaha.

Click this link RIGHT THE FUCK HERE to get your ass registered, and keep checking back here or my twitter page for info.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Updates and Such.....With a Touch of Clarity

Ok so I was told here recently I haven't updated this in some time, and it seems they were correct.  I guess I've just been tied up with shit and sidetracked that I've been neglecting it.  Oops.

So anyways.....let's attempt to catch up.

Got with a chick, then got left by said chick.  Yeah that was epic.  No need to rehash the's already made the rounds.  The downside at this point is having to do my own laundry again and no HP.

The podcast is back in full swing.  The New Years show was a drunken madhouse, and the show last weekend fucking killed it all.  We've been getting great feedback on it so to keep pushing it and getting more listeners on board.  I've been real happy with the quality of the shows.  The earlier episodes were funny, but didn't flow as well as I'd like and were a bit inconsistent.  I guess I can't complain too much considering we just wing it on every one.  The show can be found by going here.

I've come to realize that my niece and nephew are the greatest forms of entertainment ever at their age.  I'm considering cutting off the cable service and just watching them all day.  Definitely better than most TV shows. If you haven't heard the stories yet about my nephew, check out the newest podcast here where we cover it in depth.

I have found the Buddy Christ bobble head, and it will soon be mine!!  This one is going in the studio as soon as it delivers.  Yes, I am quite proud of this.  You may now begin to be jealous.

I still can't decide on what to do with my damn cell phone.  Right now I've got the Motorola Photon which I fn love, but supposedly Sprint is getting the GNex with the 1.5 dual core that didn't launch with Verizon.  This is very tempting, and has already given me numerous boners at the thought of it.  Kidding.  Not kidding.  I'm hard right now thinking about it, and I have mad skills typing one handed.

The Texas Tweetup is coming soon!  We've settled on the weekend going through March 30-April 1 in Dallas (Arlington specifically).  Looks like we're running this one Saturday at Dave & Busters.  I'm planning on getting up there sometime Friday and staying through Sunday, although the festivities are just planned for one day.  Might as well go hang out and party my ass off though.

Oh, and a moment of appreciation for some shit that is due.  With everything going on over the last 6 months, I had no idea how 2012 would turn out.  I'll be the first to admit my head was pretty fucked up for a little while now.  I wanna give a round of applause and HUGE thanks to some cool fn people that have stuck through all the stupid shit and supported me when I was a pain in the ass. It's nice to know who your real friends are when shit goes bad and you're not always on top.  No particular order on this, you just all deserve mad props....

Nae (somehow this name deleted...idk. Nae is pure awesome!)

Shit is definitely looking uphill from here.  Much thanks to all of ya. last thing.  The Houston Texans are still in the playoffs!!  FUCK YES!!!!!  And fuck Tim Tebow aka Little Jesus.  Thanks to @Brandi_HXC for posting the awesome building pic from downtown Houston.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Episode 27 is Up!! "...i come back to mace, rape, fisting, and gag reflexes????"

The post New Years episode.....

This week we brought Katie back so we could get more in depth on her odd sexual fetish with cereal, which did not go well for her at all.

Annette also joined up on Skype and we're convinced she spent most of the show praying for us and shaking her head.  Her brief absence and return during the show did lead to one of the most epic one liners ever, which is now the title for this weeks show.  Yes, it was really that bad.

We also got some time in on the upcoming tweet up.  We should have final details on everything ASAP!

And don't forget to catch all of us on Twitter that were on tonight....

Nick @NickTheFNicon
Kevin @MrBrutal666
Annette @daNanner
Katie @NinjaGirlTellEm

Click here to download

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Episode 26...Welcoming in 2012!

We wanted to do something a little different for our first show of the new year.  After some thought, we decided to bring some friends over, cook all day and get shit ass drunk, and just put a couple of mics in the middle of the room to record everyone.

At first we were going to have a format to the insanity, but instantly just let it go and enjoy the night.  Somehow we didn't get the cops called on us.  This simply amazes me.

Everyone here was hammered, Lance passed out in his chair, and the hangover today was absolutely terrible.  It was worth every damn minute of it.  We're honestly afraid to listen to the show, so Kevin just ran enough to check audio levels.  We make full disclaimers that this show is full of fuckery.

Happy New Years you assholes!!  Hope you enjoyed it!

We also want to thank out friends who came in to hang out with us all night.  Big ups to Katie, Jenny, Travis, Brandi, and Lance the passed out dude in the pic.