Sunday, January 1, 2012

Episode 26...Welcoming in 2012!

We wanted to do something a little different for our first show of the new year.  After some thought, we decided to bring some friends over, cook all day and get shit ass drunk, and just put a couple of mics in the middle of the room to record everyone.

At first we were going to have a format to the insanity, but instantly just let it go and enjoy the night.  Somehow we didn't get the cops called on us.  This simply amazes me.

Everyone here was hammered, Lance passed out in his chair, and the hangover today was absolutely terrible.  It was worth every damn minute of it.  We're honestly afraid to listen to the show, so Kevin just ran enough to check audio levels.  We make full disclaimers that this show is full of fuckery.

Happy New Years you assholes!!  Hope you enjoyed it!

We also want to thank out friends who came in to hang out with us all night.  Big ups to Katie, Jenny, Travis, Brandi, and Lance the passed out dude in the pic.  

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