Sunday, January 15, 2012

Texas Tweetup...Come Meet the Legend!! #TXtweetup

Oh fuck yes!!!!

We're gonna fuck shit up in Dallas on March 31st!  Time to round up everyone and see how quick we can get drunk and arrested.  : D

Everyone is invited even if you live out of state.  We still got love for you too.  I'll be up there sometime Friday so we can start hanging out then. Come out and meet the FN icon himself!!!

All the info is on the link below.  Make sure you go to it and hit the reservation for the event.  Now stop fucking around and go register.  You'll get an email with the confirmation and tickets and such.  I'm hoping by Tuesday I'll have info on group rates for hotels for anyone who doesn't have a hookup on a place to stay.   Email me if you have any fn questions on this shit.  Start planning now assholes, I don't do meet and greet shit much.  Sobriety normally doesn't allow for it hahahahhaahahaha.

Click this link RIGHT THE FUCK HERE to get your ass registered, and keep checking back here or my twitter page for info.

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