Monday, March 19, 2012

The Hastings Car Fire and Bad Priorities (bonus weed smoking CHAMP)

Today is the end of my 3 day weekend, and I haven't done shit productive.  And no, no complaints at all about it.  Kevin gets back from work and the idea of going to the liquor store and video game store is AWESOME.  I finally get out of the house, and I'm going to 2 of my happiest places to be.

So we load up and stop to get smokes where we witnessed a woman with an ass so huge we can't imagine how her chicken legs are physically capable of supporting all the weight.  Sadly, no pics of the oversized ass.

Bounce from there and hit up the parking lot for Game Exchange and we see this huge cloud of smoke up by Hastings.  Natural curiosity hits of course, so we keep driving and see the front of of this car getting ready to light up real nice. 

I tried to be all calm and cool about it.  Act like an adult and all.  But yeah, my reaction upon seeing it was DUDE!!!  GO GO GO GO!!!!

 Now to be a good citizen, I should call 911 first and report this, right?  Yeah not so much.  Priorities kicked in and I decided to take pics and tweet it.

For the record, my ADD kicked in and we never called 911.  I just kept taking pictures and making comparisons to those mayhem commercials that Allstate runs.  Those things make me laugh.  : D

So yeah, fire breaks out in the engine, but the fire department shows up before it hit a gas line and made for a real nice fireworks show.  Never did see the owner of the car the whole time.  After they put it out, they just left the damn car there.  Guess they didn't want it that bad.

So game store trip is done and we decided to make a run back by to see the aftermath.  Honestly I expected it to be towed off and just a cleanup being done.  I guess whoever had this car didn't give a shit about it.

 This barely won out awesome moment of the day.  Had it not happened, buying a bottle of Jager that comes with it's own koozie would have without a doubt.  Be jealous.......this thing is fucking pimp!!!

Oh, random side topic.  Saw this on Tosh.0 when I got home and thought I'd share.  You ain't shit for a weed smoker compared to this guy!!

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