Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kate Upton Makes Me Happy in the Pants

I don't know who Terry Richardson is or what the fuck his site is even about, and quite honestly it doesn't fucking matter.  What does matter is it has a video they shot of Kate Upton in a very small.....again let me stress small......bikini. And then dancing around to some lame hip hop shit and some stupid new dance.  Details on this are irrelevant, as what's important is tits jiggling.  Did I mention the bikini is small?  Plus she's really fucking hot and has nice big tits.  Big tits and a small bikini top is a brilliant combination.

I would like someone to shoot another version of this much longer in duration, and without the creepy pedobear in it.

This is the shit that makes me jerk off until my dick hurts.  Then I rub one more off just cause that's the kind of man I am.....

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