Sunday, June 24, 2012

Episode 32: Debauchery is a Fine Art

We're back finally post hernia surgery with Kevin, and the stupidity will ensue.  We brought in Jennie and Jennifer, yes I know two of them, in on the fun.

And yes, since Kevin had surgery we had to go into full detail about it....including the swollen nuts issue.  Nick expresses his lack of joy for insomnia but absolute love of ambien.

The zombie apocalypse is real and we've got the refresher on all the instances that have hit the press.  Is it really zombies, or are there just too many idiots getting high on bath salts?

Jerry Sandusky and his soon to be reamed anus get discussed after being found guilty on a billion counts of trying to fuck kids.  Yes, we still found humor with this sick fuck.

We also had an unexpected chance to put a friend of Jennie's on blast for being a total fucking tool, including an awesome voicemail you can't miss.