Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trespass America Festival

I'm finally fn home, and I still can't hear normally.  With the exception of Trivium and Pop Evil, Trespass was a hell of a show.

Don't get me wrong, Trivium isn't horrible.  Those guys are actually pretty good.  Their singer just sucks really bad and fucks up the whole experience.  As for Pop Evil, let's not get any hopes up there.  Those guys are fucking horrible.

And yes, I was highly fucking impressed with Battlecross.  If you're not a highly known band and wanna get accepted in Texas, cover Pantera.  The place went insane when they played Fucking Hostile.  They actually check their Twitter account too!

Killswitch played a hell of a set, and it's great seeing Jesse back on vocals.  Anyone who questioned him coming back and replacing Howard can now shut your fucking mouth.  Dude was on point.  And 5FDP puts in one hell of a show.  Mad fn energy.

Now hit the link to get to the full album of pics I took.  Please excuse some of the quality.  I shot em on my Gnex, but a lot of it was at like 50% zoom because of the seats.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

@destinybhg Contest for the Show This Weekend With Destiny Benedict ...Win a Membership!! #givemedestiny

Destiny Benedict aka "butthole girl" joins us this Saturday on The Failed Social Experiment podcast.
Yes sir, you absolutely would hit that if given a's damn true!

She's already blown up on the internet with the butt tricks she's done, and even pissed off some celeb chick by being confused as getting her nudes posted online which drew plenty more attention to her.  Apparently this is some Canadian singer that did some lame talent show, and like 6 people listen to her shit.

We decided to hook up 4 of you motherfuckers as a little treat since Destiny is coming on the show with us this weekend.  Yes it's Destiny, AKA "butthole girl", is joining us for the show!

To celebrate, 4 of you get a one month membership to her private blog for FREE to see all the kinky hot shit she takes pics of.  Where can you go wrong with this?

That's already follow her for the obvious reasons, and you should be listening to our podcast anyways.  Why not be rewarded?  We give you reason to beat your dick.  Congratulations!

The blog can be found right here:

*~ The Skin I Live In ~*

Make sure you're following both our Twitter pages to participate.  Click on The Failed Social Experiment and Destiny Benedict for each page.  Post to both of us on Twitter with the hashtag #givemedestiny to be eligible.

And yes, the site is worth winning the contest over.  I've done plenty of.....errr....research.  Fap fap fap fap fap.

Good luck!!

4th of July and More BBQ!!!

Yeah, so I'm kind of addicted to the new grill.  So much so, that I bought way too much damn food to feed the few people we had over here today.  Fuck it though...that shit was bomb as hell and is gonna give me leftovers for a fn week.

Hell we even have some shit we didn't throw on the grill that's getting hooked up this weekend.  Beef ribs anyone?

Made a quick stop at the fireworks store before cooking.

Sausage and BBQ chick on the stop.  Steaks and burgers on the bottom.

Added in some lemon pepper chicken and creole chicken.

Most of the meat done by now.  Decided to hook up some sauteed mushrooms to it.

Fuck yes!

Just the mushrooms and chicken finishing up...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Episode 33: I Don't Eat With My Dick

All hell broke loose, and the world ended for two and a half hours until we were done.  I must admit, this is probably one the funniest episodes we've ever done so far.

Jennie and Keyan joined in with us as in the first half we covered all the fun jackass news of school admins and they're fuck time emails, hot teachers in porn, grown men masturbating to stuffed bears, and whores in school proms.

The second half we decided to bring back our own segment of giving real answers to all those stupid questions in Cosmo that women always read.  None of that shit is real, and it's either a made up answer, or bullshit from lame dude just trying to get some ass.  Your reality has now been ruined!

We had such a good time we went way over on the show but who's fucking entertaining!

Download it here!

About the Mobile Site

It's come to my attention that Google's mobile format for the pages doesn't show the separate pages, only the main page.  Because of this if someone comes on here from a phone or tablet they likely won't see them and be able to download the shows.


So from here on out I'll make sure to add a download link to each post just to make it easier on your assholes.

New BBQ Grill!!

I haven't had a BBQ grill in fn years now and it's been driving me nuts.  Living in an apartment really screws up anything like that since I lived upstairs for the majority of the time, and didn't want to get it stolen.  I've been at this place for a year now I think and finally got another one.

Yes, I know...a fn year.  The roommate and I have talked about it on and off, but kept forgetting or had other shit come up so it just never happened.  He has one, but it's 1.) propane which I don't want to cook on and 2.) too fucking big to fit in my trailblazer to move it and I don't have a random trailer to load it on for transport.

So I broke down last week and finally just said fk it.....the 4th is coming up and I have been dying to grill some stuff.  This shit is getting done.  So score, found a grill for like $100 and grabbed the accessories I's fn on!

I already cooked some shit up today and got plenty for Wednesday.  Honestly I may go pick up more shit to cook for the hell of it.  Anyone want some free food?  And yes...I did shit like a fn boss and cooked tater tots in there.  They were fn awesome.

For the record...I grill the best lemon pepper chicken ever.  Your life now means NOTHING.