Thursday, July 5, 2012

@destinybhg Contest for the Show This Weekend With Destiny Benedict ...Win a Membership!! #givemedestiny

Destiny Benedict aka "butthole girl" joins us this Saturday on The Failed Social Experiment podcast.
Yes sir, you absolutely would hit that if given a's damn true!

She's already blown up on the internet with the butt tricks she's done, and even pissed off some celeb chick by being confused as getting her nudes posted online which drew plenty more attention to her.  Apparently this is some Canadian singer that did some lame talent show, and like 6 people listen to her shit.

We decided to hook up 4 of you motherfuckers as a little treat since Destiny is coming on the show with us this weekend.  Yes it's Destiny, AKA "butthole girl", is joining us for the show!

To celebrate, 4 of you get a one month membership to her private blog for FREE to see all the kinky hot shit she takes pics of.  Where can you go wrong with this?

That's already follow her for the obvious reasons, and you should be listening to our podcast anyways.  Why not be rewarded?  We give you reason to beat your dick.  Congratulations!

The blog can be found right here:

*~ The Skin I Live In ~*

Make sure you're following both our Twitter pages to participate.  Click on The Failed Social Experiment and Destiny Benedict for each page.  Post to both of us on Twitter with the hashtag #givemedestiny to be eligible.

And yes, the site is worth winning the contest over.  I've done plenty of.....errr....research.  Fap fap fap fap fap.

Good luck!!

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