Monday, July 2, 2012

Episode 33: I Don't Eat With My Dick

All hell broke loose, and the world ended for two and a half hours until we were done.  I must admit, this is probably one the funniest episodes we've ever done so far.

Jennie and Keyan joined in with us as in the first half we covered all the fun jackass news of school admins and they're fuck time emails, hot teachers in porn, grown men masturbating to stuffed bears, and whores in school proms.

The second half we decided to bring back our own segment of giving real answers to all those stupid questions in Cosmo that women always read.  None of that shit is real, and it's either a made up answer, or bullshit from lame dude just trying to get some ass.  Your reality has now been ruined!

We had such a good time we went way over on the show but who's fucking entertaining!

Download it here!

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