Sunday, August 19, 2012

Episode 36: Everything Is Better With Colie Jacks


At times I have to wonder to myself, how do I come up with these brilliant ideas?  Getting Colie Jacks to agree to come on the show with us tonight is one of those times.

Today started as a wreck after a day wasted on BS at a car lot for Nick, but at least we got to eat at Genghis Grill.

Colie Jacks....the hottest woman on on the show tonight.

We are getting huge in minor countries you've probably never heard of, and we're now the unsung heroes Germany has been begging for since David Hasselhoff was solely responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall.  And major kudos to for not kicking us off their weekly broadcast yet!

Did I mentioned we have Colie Jacks on the show?

Dave Mustaine made headlines on tonight's episode with his high as fuck brilliant philosophy on gun control and The Obama Conspiracy with the Aurora shooting tragedy.

You know that really hot chick Colie Jacks?  Yeah, she's on the show with us...

Nick recaps a drunken high school party with a woman trying to stab people with a butter knife, and Kevin publicly has a failure in his anger management courses that I'm sure will have him back in therapy tomorrow.

Now back to the more important thing that you're all really listening for.  Queen of Twitter, and soon to be queen of the interwebz Colie Jacks.  She's killed it on Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, Hot Chick of the Week, Playboy's Twitter trend Frisky Friday, and recently Playboy Netherlands.  She brightens the timeline of over 23k people.  We have a hell of a sit down with the woman who's warmed her way into all your hearts and are fortunate to say we were the first.  You Colie fans don't want to miss this one.

Make sure to check out Colie on Twitter and all the amazing pics that have made her a legend.  Now let's hope we can get her back on very soon.

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