Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This weekend we've got Colie Jacks with us! Email us any questions you have for her!

I gotta admit, when it comes to brilliant ideas we have outdone ourselves this time.  We've got internet sensation, and the amazingly beautiful, Colie Jacks joining us this weekend for the show.

She's got Twitter going nuts and Starbucks stocks going out the roof with her daily pics and 22k followers.  We know you've seen her, and probably stared at her pics for a while.  Trust me, no one blames you.  You've also probably seen her in your timeline under #TeamFlyTetas, #FriskyFriday, and #HCOTW.

We're also gonna take your quesitons for her!  Just shoot us an email at socialfail (at) and we'll get them on the show.  Just be warned, she doesn't hold back on the fuckery.

And don't waste time with the marriage proposals in the emails.  I've already tries like 3 times.  It won't work.

For those who live under a fucking rock, you can follow Colie on Twitter and catch her stash of pics on Tumblr.

Now go away so we can go back to fapping...

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