Sunday, September 23, 2012

Episode 39: Fetish Acts and Nick's Humility


So a while back I had a random idea while talking to my friends Fetish Jade and Mistress Cassandra about coming on the show sometime.  Yes, you read those names right.  They're dominatrixes, and it's pretty awesome.

So nothing came out of it for a while due to scheduling, and last week Cassandra hits me up and says the're both free to do the show this weekend.  Fuck yes!

So we ended up getting more of an in depth look into being a dominatrix than I could of imagine, and the fucked up things that people can get into.  And Nick is in a ton of trouble when Jade comes through Texas in a couple of months.

Catch them both on Twitter with the links below, and make sure to check out Jade's website here.
Fetish Jade

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Episode 38: Don't Jerk it When You're High


Welcome to the art of going off topic for almost a whole show.  Sure we always have a flow of stuff to cover, but sometimes our genius come purely off the top of our heads.  This was one of those times.  Have fun with our unique brand of stupidity.

We want to thank Thirst for Clarity for hooking us up with music for the show to use from now on.  Make sure to go check them out as they're an awesome band.

We had a script as usual, but just ended up winging most of the content with all the random shit we were coming up with.  And congratulations, you now know what it's like when Nick is high on ambien including trying to shit or jerk off.  Kevin recaps the hell of being at WalMart today and trying not to murder people.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hiiiiigggggghhhhhhh on Ambien


This is EXACTLY what it's like when it kicks in....

Damn You FedEx!

So part of my job at OMG!Droid is whoring myself out to vendors to get test products sent in to us.  From there, we tear it apart, break it, review it, and then normally give it away after (I know, it's odd to give away products we abuse).

Regardless, this is a good part of my job, and so well it's been going good.  I've gotten feedback from a number of various vendors, and requests are getting put in.  So I've got one that shipped out right around the end of August.  I figured probably within around 5 days or so, float an extra day or two because of the holiday, and I should have it in hand.  Yeah no, not so much.  According to FedEx, they left it at my door on August 30th.  The only thing that's arrived at my door in the last 2 weeks is a phone book.  They still make those?

My conclusion is a toss-up between two options at this point:

  1. The FedEx driver decided to pull a cruel prank by using magic to turn a box with 2 phone cases into a phone book just to piss me off (which is working btw).
  2. FedEx has no idea where the fuck the driver left the package, and he's a fucking moron.

I'll safely bet on option 2.  So here I am, one phone call in and numerous no reply tweets which have lead me to waiting on a trace ticket to figure out where the driver left it.  Let's hope this is located soon, although it's not like I have a business to help run.

After this situation today, I'm glad another shipment I have going via FedEx I was able to order to be held at the local station and avoid the driver all together.  I'm gonna go look at boobies online now.

Oh, and a couple of side notes.  Thank you CyanogenMod for adding the SMS quick reply in the notification bar.  It makes me happy.  And AOKP, hurry the fuck up with the toroplus nightlies!!!

Here's something for now to make me happy again.  Thanks Colie Jacks!

This song about describes me perfectly at times with as popular as I seem to have gotten.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Download Issues and an Awesome Compliment

So I found out earlier today there were some issues with the download on the new episode.  Turns out the host we use flagged it as copyrighted material and it was blocking downloads.  Apparently their backend software used to catch people uploading music and trying to share it illegally thought we were doing this.  Apparently when it scanned a clip of the show, it caught either an intro song or bumper song and set flags off.  Yeah, cause an audio show that's over an hour in duration and over 150MB is a sinle MP3 song.

Anyways, I got in touch with the host and explained the situation.  They let me know what was going on and apologized for what happened.  Kudos to the MediaFire customer service chick I worked with on this one.  She was totally cool and got the ticket put in to get the file white-listed again.  She also gave me a work around to use for now until it's cleared.  I've been told at this point the workaround we deployed is working fine and downloads are going as normal.

Also, I got the most awesome compliment earlier from Christina after getting this weekend's show and had to share.

"Soooo I listened to about 75% of the podcast on my way home. I am now positive that I'm an awful human being for laughing my ass off."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Episode 37: Have Some of My Jesus Penis


We're back with more of the insanity that you expect of us.  This week's news includes LL Cool J giving some homeless guy a beat down he'll never forget in his life after breaking into his house.  Snooki gave birth to a beautiful Gollum stunt double for the next Lord of the Rings movie.  Congrats!

We also recap a contest Nick is doing for the Android community where he was willing to accept bribes for a winner.  We expected awesome offerings like alcohol and money, but no one expected someone to offer up their really hot sister.  We have a winner!!

And for those of you stuck in the circle of not being able to decide on a career in life, we have the 10 rules of pimping to help you bring out your inner sex worker!  Nick whips out the Jesus Penis to get in touch with a hoe's soul!

For anyone we make angry after this episode, feel free to send all complaints to

Rule's 2 Da game of Hoez
  1. Always make them need and depend on you so you have power over them (power is control)
  2. Make them understand that you dont need them they need you, and they are replaceable.  Never let them no if you need them deep inside.
  3. Never let no1 get away with sneakin anything cause once they feel they can get away they will alwayz scheme.
  4. No matter how much you like or care for 1 or any of them, don’t trust none of them. (Like Scarface who do I trust??? Me that’s who...)
  5. Always stay 2 step’s ahead of the game yo have them playin...
  6. Don’t let them no all your plan’s, but alwayz try 2 know there’s
  7. Make sure you own there mind’s, body’s, and soul’s (N test out every often 2 make sure)
  8. keep your bi on the low as possible when it come’s 2 family and hater’s (cause you can’t trust none of them)
  9. Always try 2 know whatz going on (make them tell on eachother)
  10. Give respect when respect’s due... (follow these rules and you should b gucci)