Monday, September 3, 2012

Download Issues and an Awesome Compliment

So I found out earlier today there were some issues with the download on the new episode.  Turns out the host we use flagged it as copyrighted material and it was blocking downloads.  Apparently their backend software used to catch people uploading music and trying to share it illegally thought we were doing this.  Apparently when it scanned a clip of the show, it caught either an intro song or bumper song and set flags off.  Yeah, cause an audio show that's over an hour in duration and over 150MB is a sinle MP3 song.

Anyways, I got in touch with the host and explained the situation.  They let me know what was going on and apologized for what happened.  Kudos to the MediaFire customer service chick I worked with on this one.  She was totally cool and got the ticket put in to get the file white-listed again.  She also gave me a work around to use for now until it's cleared.  I've been told at this point the workaround we deployed is working fine and downloads are going as normal.

Also, I got the most awesome compliment earlier from Christina after getting this weekend's show and had to share.

"Soooo I listened to about 75% of the podcast on my way home. I am now positive that I'm an awful human being for laughing my ass off."

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