Sunday, September 23, 2012

Episode 39: Fetish Acts and Nick's Humility


So a while back I had a random idea while talking to my friends Fetish Jade and Mistress Cassandra about coming on the show sometime.  Yes, you read those names right.  They're dominatrixes, and it's pretty awesome.

So nothing came out of it for a while due to scheduling, and last week Cassandra hits me up and says the're both free to do the show this weekend.  Fuck yes!

So we ended up getting more of an in depth look into being a dominatrix than I could of imagine, and the fucked up things that people can get into.  And Nick is in a ton of trouble when Jade comes through Texas in a couple of months.

Catch them both on Twitter with the links below, and make sure to check out Jade's website here.
Fetish Jade

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