Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nick Appears Again on RootzLive!

So this whole being unexpectedly unemployed has one perk, it got me a 2nd time doing RootzLive! which is an awesome show to be on.  Scotty Brown has asked me a few times since the episode with the OMG!Droid crew to come on again, but working the late shift with my now previous employer obviously complicated that.

But yeah, schedule cleared up and I got to go on with Adam Fisch from AOKP and talk about the new line of Nexus devices coming out.  One request...can we next time NOT put me on WITH A FUCKING DEV.  Holy shit do you know how stressful to go on and talking devices with one of those dudes and hold your ground, especially one from AOKP?  Kudos to those guys, as they do a hell of a job with that ROM.  

All in all, it went well and I sounded like I had half a clue as to what I was talking about.  Fuck yeah!

Next time can we cover something easy to lighten the stress on me?  Thanks guys!