Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Show, the Amazing Anus Pig, and the End of 2012


Well we took a good bit of time off to deal with real life, and after an outcry from people we're finally back around with a  new show.

It's amazing how a little time off can make us more offensive than ever.

We went in and completely winged it for this episode as we had plenty to catch up on with this one.  I love how the random shit works out with material that is a winner.

And as promised, we have pics of the horrible ring that Jennie's ex gave his new fiancee.  It's amazing what someone will accept when they're desperate to get a free ride.

If a man tries to propose and this is the ring he give, kill yourself if you even consider saying yes.

And let's not forget the art of re-gifting, and the horrible gift Nick got with Anus Pig!!  It's ugly, it's bedazzled, and what is supposedly a curly tail that looks more like a swollen anus.  It's hideous.

What is honestly more disturbing - someone giving this as an honest gift, or giving it to someone else as a gift?

2013 will only get worse, and Keyan has learned not to demand a shout out from us on the show lol.