Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up (sorta?), Rants, and Ass

Ok, so I haven't honestly done much of shit this weekend.  When Friday afternoon hit, I had fully intended on being productive and even made myself a small list of shit I wanted to get done.  I thought if I somewhat planned ahead, I would give myself the proper motivation to get shit done.

Not so much....

I woke up Saturday around 10:30 AM.  Sadly this is actually sleeping in by the standards I have now with the new day job.  I'm actually happy when I wake up at this time, although it's still technically morning.

So I get up, slightly hungry, and still not able to make coffee because the fucking coffee maker is broken.  God damn handle busted and I keep forgetting to replace it.  This isn't a major urgency since I get majority of my coffee at work anyways.  Anyways, random idea hits me.  Kolaches...not just any kolaches, but those from Little Czech Bakery out in West.

This place is fucking amazing and worth the 30 or so minute drive out of town.  So needless to say I hit the road, and came back with 2 boxes full of various bakery goodness.

After that it was pretty much sitting around the house doing nothing till sometime after 2 or so, then I took a nap until like 8.  Pretty sad I know, but in my was an awesome nap.

I wanted to do some writing on +OMG!Droid but we've still been fighting with those bitches at Go Daddy trying to get the site restored after the security breach and data deletion, so that was out.  For the record, those guys have the worst fucking customer service of any host I've ever worked with (including some bottom-feeding cheap assholes that you get nothing with) and charged us $150 for them to restore the data off their backups.  Fucking serious?  Needless to say, we're switching our hosting pretty soon.

So yeah, Saturday was a waste.  The highlight of the day was watching Bellator MMA we had saved on the DVR, then UFC on Fox.

I did manage to run laundry today though, and got some of the dishes done.  Hell I even went to the grocery store, so I guess today was catch-up day for everything.  I even remembered to finally pick up a wireless mouse and keyboard for my desktop since I have it hooked up to my TV.  And yes, interwebz porn looks fucking amazing on a 1080p 37" TV.  Now I just have to finish all these damn Windows updates.

Speaking of Windows....quick /rant.
I know the gadgets were never a hugely popular feature in Windows 7.  I do sometimes use a couple of them, mainly on my laptop to keep an eye on the CPU and memory usage.  Recently I ran a  fresh install of 7 back on it and decided to put the gadgets back on.  Upon going to the gallery page to find the ones I use, I'm greeted with this big Fuck You.

What kind of bullshit is this?????  I realize that Windows 8 is your new baby you just rolled out, but fuck come on!!!  There aren't enough people even using Win8 to warrant dumping the gallery all together, much less enough people who would willingly subject themselves to that fucking piece of shit UI.  I tried it on the beta, and it's garbage for an actual computer.  So now I have to search 3rd party sites for any descent gadgets just to get the 2 I want.  It's fine if you're going to stop development or posting of new gadgets, completely understandable.  But to dump them completely?  Thanks you evil fucking cockwhores.

Oh, and I got a new lap table fucking thing to use for my laptop when I'm laying in bed, or to use the new mouse and keyboard set I just picked up.  Yes, this makes me happy.

I know, the mattress has a stupid pattern on it as most do.  Again, I'm actually doing laundry today, and those are in the washer at the moment.

And one last thing before I go to brighten everyone's day.  Here's a couple of pics of ass...courtesy of +Colie Jacks  (Twitter).  You're fucking welcome.  I forgot to actually ask in advance if she minded me sharing, but I think it'll be ok.  I'm going to go fap now....

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