Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Rule: Pay the Extra for the Better Interwebz Speed

The economy still kinda sucks.  Shit costs too much, and we're all looking for ways to save cash.  Like it or not, it's a reality we all face.

So I'm looking over my bills and pondering ways to lower my expenses where I can.  For some stupid reason, I thought it would be a good idea to lower the 30 MB plan plan we're on down to the 8 MB.  Now in my head, this seemed like a pretty good idea.  It would cut the cost over half of what I'm paying now, and 8 MB is enough right?  Right?

Fuck's fucking terrible.

Netflix?  Forget it.  You have to run at 50% quality just to keep the stream from choking all the time.  Same with any other streaming video.  Downloads for music or apps?  yeah, those sucked balls too.  Honestly I don't think I got anywhere near that 8 MB download mark we supposedly had.  Hell if anyone was downloading something, you might as well not use another computer in the house.  I tried to endure it, I really did.  The financial difference was so nice to see.

I gave up.  I called earlier and put it back on the 30 MB plan.  A man can only deal with bullshit like this for so long until it fucks up his internet porn.  That's just unacceptable.  Oh well, I tried to be responsible.

After Working at Sprint, I Forgot Life is Kinda Nice

After 3.5 years at Sprint, I've almost forgotten what it's like to have sanity and actually like my job.  I didn't actually intend to leave, as least not the way I did.  I was slowly (very slowly) in progress of finding something else back in town so I didn't have to drive 30 miles on the highway to get to a job I honestly hated for some time.

To be honest, it wasn't always a shit hole job.  For the longest time, I liked it there.  Great pay, and really cool people.  Things unfortunately changed though.  Upper management showed the idiots that they are, poor business decisions were made, and morale started to hit the floor for everyone there.  I don't think anyone wants to work at a place where you're reminded daily that they want to fire you for any reason they can since they're over headcount, regardless of how well you perform.  A new site director comes in, and the main initiative is to drive out as many tenured reps as possible and replace them with new people right out of training because you're easily paying them about $3/hour.  Let's not forget the other money saving perks like vacation time, etc.

So yeah, needless to say we all hated it for a while.  It's just hard to leave due to what we made on commissions even after they warped the comp plan all to hell.  Money is one of the few things that will make you sell your soul every time that direct deposit hits the bank.

So anyways, most of you know the story already.  One day I'm sitting there praying for midnight to hit so I could leave for the night.  The next thing I know, I'm on an unexpected vacation.  I had been wanting to take an actual vacation for some time, just NOT like that at all.

I've never been fired from a job in my fucking life.  NEVER.  And to get fired on some bullshit from a temporary sup who had it out for me was even more fucked.  Karma is a motherfucker though.  When they made the final decisions on who was taking over the supervisor openings, she wasn't selected.  I hear she balled her eyes out in front of everyone when she found out.

Regardless, I bounced back pretty quick.  Somehow I normally do.  Even after Circuit City closed down I found another job pretty quick.  I don't like that kind of downtime at all.

I've noticed something though since I got my new job....I'm actually happy.  I don't wake up every day and think about walking out in traffic while staring at the alarm clock just so I don't have to go to work.  I'm OK with getting up and going to work.  Sure I work my ass off, but I'm happy about that because it's not some idle bullshit job where I sit there bored as fuck with my brain on autopilot.

Mentally and physically, I feel fucking great.  And they pay for the coffee!!!

So yeah, I took a pay cut.  It's to be expected going from a commission based job to doing tech support.  It's still an adjustment with the lower paychecks.  Fuck it though, my sanity and well-being is worth much more.

I don't hate Sprint.  Despite everything, I still support the company itself and root for it to get things turned around as a business.  The account services department in Temple and it's management team can kiss my white ass though.  I don't know how they keep their jobs being as incompetent as they are.

I guess you can overcome all the fuck-ups that should normally get you canned quickly if you're on your knees enough.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thank You Kate Upton. I Just Came 7 Times.

The only thing better than Kate Upton would probably only 100 Kate Upton's.  The amount of happiness in my pants right now is astronomical.  I have no idea what she's singing, and honestly I don't care.  Well, if she's singing about riding my dick I'd care about that.  Then I'd pay out of pocket to have that song produced and make a video for it.

I now share this with you.  You're all welcome.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Cat is a Fucking Idiot

So anyone who knows me, knows that I like cats.  On that not, anyone who knows my cats knows that Carmine is a fucking idiot.

He's fucking stupid and gets on my nerves when he follows me all over the house daily, but I love the little shithead.  This is the same cat that sits outside my bedroom door EVERY morning until I wake up and will follow me everywhere I go around the house.

I'm serious.  If I take 2 fucking steps in any direction, he will follow me just to stay right at my feet.

So I come home from another resentful trip to Walmart, and as soon as I walk in I hear a feverish scratching.  Not abnormal since the cat box is there.  I look in and no one is in there.  Myrrah is sitting on the floor, but the scratching continues, now followed by a pathetic whiny meow.

My next question is where the fuck is my idiot cat with his cries for help.  I look around the general area as I can hear it right next to me but he's nowhere to be found.  On just a random hunch, I looked behind the deep freeze as it's the last place to check in that immediate area.

Somehow this dumb fuck managed to get stuck between the deep freeze and the wall.  The ONLY way to get in that gap is to drop straight down since it's in a corner and there's a stand on the other side.  For the life of my I doubt I'll ever know what would inspire him to drop down there, but now he's stuck in a predicament where all he can do it stand in place and look straight up then pout and cry.

Yes, this is fucking hilarious to me.  And yes, I had to take pics before actually getting him out.  As you can see from the pics, he wedged himself in there pretty good and it was a pretty tight fit.  When I got him out, he latched on like I was the greatest hero he's ever seen.  I thought he would be traumatized for a while, but luckily his A.D.D. doesn't allow him to remember shit after about 10 seconds.

This was him about 5 minutes after I got him out.  I'd say he's recovered quite nicely from his traumatic experience.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

TFSE Episode 41: I Have a Boner for Peeps


Peeps are awesome.  No, correction, Peeps are fucking awesome.  So much so, Kevin and Nick both have awkward sexual moments with them.  We're not kidding.  Life just got better when we found out they're made year round.

We also pursue the option of shaving Kevin's hairy ass for charity, although we haven't decided who it would benefit.  Or for that matter, what charity would want money that was raised in that fashion.  Jenn might even fly down from PA for it, and we can run video.

And more stories this week of Kevin's son being an asshole which is always entertaining.  While mocking Victor being a pussy, Kevin shares the story of when he was a kid and got his ass kicked by a girl.

Jennie also gets stalked via text during the show from some creepy fucker.  Yes, we initially gave out the cell number but edited the show to take it out later.

We also go over the fear of a woman telling a man "she's late".  Yes, we all know that.  Thank God for shark week.  And here's the video from Stephen Lynch about that moment and the shit that goes through a man's head in that moment of panic.

[EDIT:  Found a much better copy of the video]