Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ramblings of an Idiot Who Can't Sleep

So the general idea tonight was to go to bed, sleep, and get up for work.  Pretty standard, right?  I didn't think it was too much to ask for, but then again I haven't been sleeping too well over the last week.  As for tonight, all I did way lay there or roll around while my brain was processing a billion stupid thoughts in circles.  Thanks brain, I hate you.

Normally I'd just pop an ambien in advance, let it kick in, and pass the fuck out.  Normally.  There's two problems with this idea:

  1. The dosage I've been taking doesn't really do shit anymore.It used to work effectively, now it's maybe 1 of 4 times I take it there's any effect.  I need to go see my doctor to get a higher dosage, and hopefully she won't make me try to do a sleep study.  I really don't want to waste the money on that shit.  I can already tell you that I have sleep apnea and stop breathing randomly.  Look, I diagnosed myself and saved some cash.
  2. I can't cover the out of pocket for that expensive shit until 4/1.  Another reason to flip off Sprint.  The termination of my employment there cut off my insurance and the coverage with my new employer hasn't kicked in yet.  Thanks you dicks.  Once that goes live, I'll be good.  Unfortunately it's only 3/19.  

So now I'm pulling an all-niter with my brain still going in circles like a kid with ADD chasing bubbles in a parking lot.  I figured this would be a good opportunity to just jot down all the stupid shit, funny or not...

  • I really need to clean up my Twitter list.  There's a lot of people I follow that are inactive, or that just bore the shit out of me and don't have nice enough tits to be kept around.
  • Why do they call it belly button lint?  It doesn't really look anything like the shit that comes out of the dryer.
  • Obituary is brutal as fuck, and this is probably my favorite song they've done.

  • Is there really a point to the internet besides porn?
  • Are there long term health consequences from jerking off to too much internet porn?
  • Did TMZ and Mack Maine play paper, rock, scissors the other day to decide if Lil Wayne was dead or not?
  • Still no one can tell me who the fuck Mack Maine actually is.  Is he the gangsta janitor at YMCM?
  • When the fuck did +Sassi BoB stop doing all the +xda-developers shit and become a lesbian????
  • I'd smash on that Olympic chick Aly Raisman even though she doesn't have shit for titties.  Least she's legal and cute.
  • I really need to catch up on Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead.
  • I think I've become addicted to watching Fast N' Loud and Duck Dynasty.
  • They switched formats on the sports radio station I always listen to, and now it's some lame ass shit.  Radio stations are fucking Communists.
  • Blackberry sucks.  How the fuck is the App World going to say it's not available in my country, and I'm in the fucking US?  Of course their support guys ignore the numerous times I've inquired.
  • There's not shit on TV right now.
  • I want to grow my beard out to a ridiculous length, but I'd probably get fired.  My bosses want that professional look and all.
  • I gave up on the idea of sleep around 1am.  It's 3:20am now, and I'm on my 4th cup of coffee.
  • PayPal just emailed me some offer for a credit card and pay later option.  Obviously they didn't check my credit card first.
  • Why does this cat insist on following me all over the house when she's in heat?  It's not like I'm gonna do anything about it.  Except punt her.
  • The porn vid that the Miss Delaware Melissa King did was fucking lame.  I'd be pissed to have a dead fuck like her.  Who am I kidding?  I'd still hit it.
  • I'd rather hook up with +Colie Jacks lulz.
  • Nevermore is a damn good band.  Warrel Dane is an insanely good vocalist.

  • Rubbing one off sounds like a good idea right now for some reason.  Random.
  • Yes, I wash my hands after.
  • I really want to play the new Gears of War!
  • I'm still cleaning up my Twitter list.
  • I killed my Facebook account...again.  I try to use it, but everyone on there is a bitchy vagina.
  • I need more Android shit.
  • RIP Cassy.  Hard to believe it's already been 1 year this month since you left us.  Some people go way too soon.
  • Why the hell do people still say YOLO?
  • Do cats laugh every time they hear someone say YOLO?
  • Since +Sassi BoB is lesbian now, can you imagine the possibilities if +Cali Lewis was too?  SHIT!!
  • And I still believe in nothing.  Will we ever see the shape of tomorrow?  -Nevermore
  • There's still nothing on TV.
  • I wish my AOKP install would stop the once or twice a day random reboot.
  • Why does my foot itch?
  • Just answered my question about the AOKP reboots.  I'll be flashing this later.
  • I still have no idea who the fuck Mack Maine is.
  • Fuck this no sleep shit.....

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nick is Creative

One drawback about working in a cube if the lust for freedom.  You sit at a desk staring at 3 walls all day.  When you do this daily, just the though of the door opening and sunlight peeking in is AWESOME.

I was discussing this with a co-worker the other day which started simply with idle conversation while we were bored as shit and just wanting to kill time at work.  It's something you may never consider until you're in that environment and just 5 minutes of looking out a window gives you something to look forward to.

I guess I was spoiled on how much of a convenience it was from my time working at Dell and Sprint since there were windows everywhere.  Now sadly, I don't have that luxury.  What's great is when you're outside my office you can see numerous sets of window shutters.  Don't be fooled, they're fake. It's all one big cock tease.

So I decided fuck it...if my employers aren't going to give us windows, I'll take the liberty of installing one myself.  No permits, no trip to Lowe's, just good old fashioned awesomeness and genius.  I'm a rebel like that.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nick Found a Google Street View Car

I was going through some pics on my laptop, and it dawned on me that I never posted the pics after I chased down the Google Street View car.  They went up on OMG!Droid for obvious reasons, and I intended on posting them here after they got their worth in traffic.

Oh, and my apologies to the dude I cut off while busting a 180 to catch up with the car.  Hopefully he understood.

Unfortunately the lady driving wouldn't let me look around inside and she kept an eye on the car the whole time she was out of it.  Understandable, considering these cars probably get a lot of attention and curious bystanders.

Hopefully I'll show up on Street View after this.  I'll be the psycho nerd in the Trailblazer chasing it by the Kinko's.