Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Killing Your Dreams of Being a Bad Bitch

I think we all know those chicks that flood sites like Twitter and Facebook claiming they're a bad bitch with their bad bitch life blah blah blah fucking blah.  It's become a rather large annoyance to say the least considering the majority of them are....surprise.....basic as fuck.

Honestly I can't tell if they really believe that bullshit or just claim it so much to try and sell themselves on the concept.  If you tell yourself nonsense so many times it becomes reality right?  Something like that.  Keep yapping it ladies with your basic life, sitting on your basic couch all alone, in your basic home.  Keep posting those basic pics on Instagram of those dumbass tats you have that every other chick has.  We're really proud of you!

Ok rant over.  Thanks to a gem of a find from Jen that she just sent me the bad bitch and her symptoms have been broken down and diagnosed for the basic bitch you are.

One more thought while I'm here.  Is it too much to ask for one uniform spelling for this?  I see bad bitch, bad bytch, baddd bytch, and so on.  Are you that bad you can't learn how to fucking spell?

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