Friday, May 30, 2014

Random Recent Bullshit....

Sorry about not posting in some time here.  I've been rather sidetracked on other shit here and there and haven't had time to just sit down and mess with the site much recently. I suppose since I'm sitting here bored at work it's as good a time as any.

One of the things keeping me occupied was a couple of websites I was looking at launching outside of my own work.  One is a freebie project I'm doing purely for amusement for Colie Jacks which we just launched today (NSFW).  The other was a bid job for an art gallery here locally which is outside of my normal thing.  I rarely do website outside of my own work, and certainly not paid jobs. I only entertained putting in a bid on it since it's a local place and I used to work with one of the people running it.  I was somewhat certain that I'd get it as I bid in a pretty low price to build it, maintain it, and train them on how to use it on a flat rate cost.  Last minute there was someone who apparently offered to do a matching job for free.  I'm not sure how that'll work, but I'll be the last to discourage someone from getting a freebie if it's quality.  Such is life.

I'm still getting people shocked that I made the switch to an iPhone, despite still being quite pro Android.  It's simple helps me for work to support the mobile website as most users have an iPhone, and I wanted a change.  I've been using Android since Cupcake was the current OS and wanted to change things up.  During the process of considering what to do I ruled out Blackberry and Windows both.  Blackberry wasn't getting my attention even with the new OS they're shipping, and Windows still seems too new to me and not established enough to buy into.  I'll give credit where it's due, as iOS has gotten way better than when I tested it before.  Am I a full on iOS junkie now?  Not by a long shot, but I don't regret the change either.

On a positive note I did finally upgrade to a new laptop to replace my desktop and old laptop both.  It got annoying having one system for daily use, and the other just for games.  At least now I can do everything on one and still keep my portability.  I settled on ASUS as I've been a fan of their shit, although I'm still no fan of Windows 8.  ASUS had no driver support for Win 7, but I may get bored at some point and try to install it anyways.

Random....this one tweet just made my day.

On a final note before I go.....fuck and fuck Todd Harper.  You worthless agenda driven piece of shit.

That's all for today kids!!