Thursday, June 12, 2014

Warcraft: Change on the Lock Since I Hate Goblins

I recently went back to Horde after quite a while on Alliance.  I don't hate being Alliance as they have a ton of cool things about them, I just missed being the bad guy so to speak.  When I moved the lock over which was a gnome, and with the name I had (LickMyMidget), going to a goblin was a natural transition.  I've regretted it almost immediately.  I can't stand the goblin models at all, and it's almost every aspect that annoys me.  Hell I've even been avoiding playing the lock unless absolute necessity because of it.  Last night I pulled the trigger on my frustrations and changed to a different race.  I've now got him as a blood elf with a new name.  I know the BE's are a bit prissy at times, but they're evil as fuck and fit the demeanor.  Below are a few screenshots, along with one on the new Warforged Nightmare mount.

Warlords of Draenor Alpha Random Screens

I'll admit since getting my alpha invite the other day, I haven't been able to get as much time in as I had hoped for.  Thanks real life!!  I did however manage to pop some screen shots while going through the initial content.

And yes, he item squish is very real.  So far I've been enjoying it.  WoD definitely runs and looks like an alpha as some of it runs a bit rough, and a lot of content isn't there yet.  So far I'm happy although I'm still adjusting.

I rolled a lock for comparison to my main. If the gear stays correct, the gear we have now won't be immediately killed off as WoD is starting at a 500 ilvl.  To show the difference with the item squish my lock currently at 535 ilvl is a bit over 600k health, while in the alpha the pre-built is 58k.