Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Got My Legendary Cloak!!! ....and Other Random Warcraft Screenshots

So I've been procrastinating pretty badly in Warcraft lately.  I'll get a week or two of time in, do some random shit I blew off, then take off a few weeks.  I guess it's that lull waiting for the expansion to roll out.  Recently I knocked out the rep with Order of the Cloud Serpent just for the mount and riding skill, then finally did the painful task of Nat Pagle rep.  I know no one likes the guy.  I wish I could choke him, but I wanted the fishing chair (it even has a beverage holder!!).

One thing that's been eluding me is the legendary cloak.  I started the quest line from Wrathion and tinkered with it here and there, but never stuck with it.  Finally, in the last couple of weeks, I decided I'd finally finish it up.  Hell I was already almost done with chapter 3 so I might as well right?  Finally today it's done!!

I also dug up a few other screenshots while I was going through them that I found amusing.

Yes, it is huge.  Thank you for noticing.

Still fucking with The Anglers.

You'll never see a Chaos Bolt hit for 1 million again once WoD releases with the item squish.

Rollin around Firelands with Stabby Rogue.  Tauren are too fucking big for the side cars on the bikes.