Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Updates and Other Nonsense.....

So.....I haven't touched this site in quite a while. Honestly, I've been busy with work and other projects, and it just kinda sat at the back of my mind. Oops.

 Regardless, I'm back, and have some new shit I'm working on in my free time. It's nice having free time again lol.

 So, what have I been doing exactly? Lots of work. Lots, and lots, of sitting here working. Overtime is great for pay, but sucks for a social life. My bank account loves that shit though. I've also got a new side gig/project I'm working on by broadcasting on Twitch. Feel free to click here to check out the page, and make sure to hit follow. It's still new so I'm figuring out a lot of shit with it, but it's been fun. I'm mostly streaming Warcraft, but I'll mix in some other stuff. You can also access the link on the social section on the site with my other social media crap.

A friend of mine is also working on an indie move which he does quite a few of.  This one happens to have a script he wrote with characters based on his friends, in this case, yours truly being included.  Should be interesting to be a consult on it to teach someone how to be me.

I am now back to make you laugh, and piss you off.