Epic Quotes

See, too much info in your hands is dangerous  (@Groupie12)

You're an idiot and I hate you. Mind if I swing by later?  (@MrBrutal666)

Did i ever mention @NickTheFnIcon was the sexiest follower i got #justsayin  (@FearLiss11)

This does not shock me. You're like me, but with a real penis. >> @nickthefnicon: @Mia too late....i already started in the market  (@Mia)

Nah.you're like a 2 headed midget.2 wierd to stop fucking with  (@missanthrope42)

Ya know. I dont think ANY of my followers are as DOPE as @NickTheFnIcon #straightup  (@FearLiss11)

@NickTheFnIcon @wildbill @Mia I don't think it's illegal ANYWHERE to dry-hump a candy bag. Disturbing, yes... illegal, no.  (@jnassi)

Hey internet, if you don't send @NickTheFnIcon and @reylaygo your nudes, you're not REALLY serious about honoring those kids.#spiritn00dz  (@Mia)

I fuckin love your tweets!!  (@Jenn_tastic)

If I ever had to work in your office, I'd demand that I sit next to you. Guaranteed entertainment for sure. haha  (@neoCarla)

we are horribly misunderstood assholes. We are never wrong, and everyone else is fucked in the head.  (@MadCityEatss)

You'll never be able to convince me that you're not mentally challenged.  (@neoCarla)

you're a jackass. (@BOUNDxlll)

#STFU and your evny me manshit, I'm going back to the kitchen AND don't think about bothering me- I'm making muffins #asshole  (@Dawlgrin)

You're the Andrew Dice Clay of Twitter.  (@neoCarla)

Get. Out. Of. The. Gutter!!!  (@DaNanner)

Stop ruining my childhood.  (@stayrusted)

Actually I was stealing the vicodin...and I sniffed coke off a stripper's ass. O.o I'd say I'm down with it now.  (@Zombies8MyJessa)

ok @NickTheFnIcon i willl gently stalk you til you love me.  (@IamPandaRawrrr)

So @nickthefnicon asked me what his problem was since I have a psych degree You're not mentally ill just an obnoxious asshole was my answer  (@GLAMOURKILLSNYC)

That is between me and the cheese. It's not sordid or dirty but beautiful.  (@amandyie)

shit how could they not... You're like kittens and rainbows and fluffy cotton candy... (@Sneaks_N_Bows)

Yes, master. O_O (@iATEnachos)

24. @NickTheFnIcon is awesome. that is all (@jessie_stanley)

I just snorted. You made me snort. That is not cute. (@ShenaniganJenn)

I love this to no end. >> @nickthefnicon: @Mia @caseymckinnon I got to meet The Hoff. He was happy to have fans who weren't in Germany. (@Mia)

I'm really digging @NickTheFnIcon's tweets tonight. (@ana5taciaa)

"I liked this and then unliked it...so I can like it again..........I will lick your balls for this." (@Stemb0)

I'm gonna rip your face off your face!! RT @NickTheFnIcon: @MrMistoffeleess want a hug? (@MrMistoffeleess)

haha well when i have some time to scan my stream your tweets always rise to the top (@pauloelias)

Fuck you! Now you're making fun of my "funsize" height asshole! RT @NickTheFnIcon: Panda u aint tall enough lol (@IamPandaRawrrr)

bahahahha I <3 you ...SOMETIMES....and this is one of those times! (@Groupie12)

Get. Out. Of. The. Gutter!!! (@daNanner)

Stop ruining my childhood. (@stayrusted)

taking lessons from you #pimpin (@daNanner)

 you like my headache you big jerk! :)  (@Desseeeca)

@NickTheFnIcon I'm pretty sure you're over-looking the fact that we want to injure you. @kimmietex  (@Candice_Jo)