Methyltrioctylammonium chloride (MTAC) 75% CAS 5137-55-3

Methyl trioctyl ammonium chlorideProduct name: Methyl trioctyl ammonium chloride Chemical name: Methyl trioctyl ammonium compoundsCAS No.: 5137-55-3Molecular Formula: C25H54ClNEINECS No.:225-896-2 ItemIndexAppearance (20ºC)Colorless to light yellow pasteAssay75%pH (10% aqueous)5.0-9.0Free

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Methyl trioctyl ammonium chloride

Product name: Methyl trioctyl ammonium chloride 
Chemical name: Methyl trioctyl ammonium compounds
CAS No.: 5137-55-3
Molecular Formula: C25H54ClN
EINECS No.:225-896-2

Appearance (20ºC)Colorless to light yellow paste
pH (10% aqueous)5.0-9.0
Free amine and its salt≤2%
Chroma (Pt-Co)≤200#

Used as metal extractant and phase transfer catalyst.

In sealed containers in a cool, dry place.

180kgs/ Drum

Methyl Trioctyl Ammonium Chloride (MTAC) 75% CAS 5137-55-3
Methyl Trioctyl Ammonium Chloride (MTAC) 75% CAS 5137-55-3

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