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2022-06-01 02:19:03 By : Ms. Lilian Li

Kueh products from K & B Nonya Kueh Manufacture recalled include (clockwise from top left) Kueh Seri Muka (Pandan), Kueh Seri Muka (Corn), Kueh Seri Muka (Red bean) and Kueh Lapis. (Photos: SFA)

SINGAPORE: A recall has been issued for kueh products manufactured by two Singapore companies after benzoic acid, a food additive, was detected in them, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said on Thursday (Mar 10).

SFA has directed the manufacturers, K & B Nonya Kueh Manufacture and Beng San Food Industry to recall the products. The recall is ongoing.

Affected products include Kueh Seri Muka and Kueh Lapis from K & B Nonya Kueh Manufacture, as well as yam cake, carrot cake, and pumpkin cake, from Beng San Food Industry.

Benzoic acid is not allowed in kueh products under the Singapore Food Regulations. Under the regulations, only permitted food additives with levels within the maximum levels are allowed for use in food.

"Based on the levels detected, once off consumption of the affected products is unlikely to be of food safety concern," said the agency. 

But consumers should not eat food containing high levels of benzoic acid over a long period of time, it added.

"This is because even though benzoic acid is a common additive which is safe when used in small quantities, studies in animals fed with high doses of benzoic acid have shown disorder of the central nervous system as well as changes in their brains," SFA said.

People who have eaten the implicated products and have concerns about their health should seek medical advice, said the agency. They may also contact the retailers that they bought the kueh from if they have any enquiries.

CNA has contacted the manufacturers for more information.

Recalled products from K & B Nonya Kueh Manufacture: 

Recalled products from Beng San Food Industry:

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