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The woes of the agriculture sector will witness a temporary ease, with the government allowing imports of pesticide glyphosate. 

The Cabinet approval was given this week for the importation of the key pesticide for a period of six months. However, the procurement can only happen under the Registrar of Pesticides, which would also regulate the usage, the government announced. 

The approval was sought by President Ranil Wickremesinghe, so that the necessary steps to enable the importation of glyphosate can be taken. The agriculture and plantation sectors have repeatedly stressed the need for pesticides. However, the government has been stubborn in its decision to discourage the usage of the chemical, stating it is harmful.

The glyphosate ban was imposed in 2015 and was lifted only last month. The agriculture and plantation sectors welcomed the move but have openly expressed that the damage is already done. 

In a statement, the Government Information Department highlighted that the ban on glyphosate has led to a fall in all types of agricultural production as well as an increase in market prices of essential food Items. 

“Considering that situation, recommendations have been made that it is appropriate to use glyphosate for all agricultural activities according to the need, enabling agricultural activities to be carried out more effectively in the 2022/23 Maha season,” the department said. 

The move to allow the usage of pesticides is not welcomed by all segments. The Centre for Environmental Justice filed a Fundamental Rights petition this week, seeking an order suspending the operation of the gazette notification issued to import pesticide glyphosate.

The organisation is seeking an order directing the authorities to formulate an action plan to phase out pesticides, glyphosate and other agrochemicals within six months.

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