High Quality 99.5% Amino Acid L-Glycine 56-40-6 Good Quality

 Glycine food gradeITEMSTANDARDApperanceWhite Crystals crystalline powderIdentificationPositiveAssay( C2H5NO2)  % ( on dried matter)98.5-101.5pH Value(5g/100ml in water)5.6-6.6Heavy Metals(As Pb) =< %0.001Loss on drying =< %0.2Residue on ignition(as sulphated ash) =< % 0.1Chloride(As Cl) =< %0.02Sulpha

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Glycine food grade

ApperanceWhite Crystals crystalline powder
Assay( C2H5NO2)  % ( on dried matter)98.5-101.5
pH Value(5g/100ml in water)5.6-6.6
Heavy Metals(As Pb) =< %0.001
Loss on drying =< %0.2
Residue on ignition(as sulphated ash) =< % 0.1
Chloride(As Cl) =< %0.02
Sulphate(As SO4) =< %0.0065
Ammonium(As NH4) =< %0.01
Arsenic( As As) =< %0.0001
Lead ( As Pb) =< %0.0005

Glycine tech grade

ApperanceWhite Crystals crystalline powder
Assay( C2H5NO2)  % ( on dried matter)98.5
pH Value(5g/100ml in water)5.5-7.0
Iron(FE) =< %0.03
Loss on drying =< %0.3
Residue on ignition =< %0.1

Glycine is the smallest of the 20 nonessential amino acids that make up the building blocks of plant and animal proteins. A sweet-tasting crystalline solid, glycine is the primary amino acid in sugar cane. In the body, it is found mainly in muscle tissue, connective tissue and skin. Glycine has several important functions in the body, including helping to regulate blood sugars by breaking glucose down into energy, helping to regulate the synthesis of bile acids to break down fats.



Glycine Specification:


Glycine Usage:


(1)it can be used in Alcoholic beverage, used as an acid corrector or buffer for the composition of wine and soft beverage,used as an additive for the flavor and taste of food,retain its original  color and to provide a source of sweet;

(2) Used as an antiseptic agent for fish flakes and peanut jams;

(3) Can play a buffering role in the taste of edible salt and vinegar;

(4)Used in food processing, brewing process,meat processing and soft  beverage formulas as well as in Saccharin Sodium in order to remove bitterness;

(5Can play a certain role in metal chelation and antioxidation,used as a stabilizer for cream, cheese,margarine,fast cooked noodles or convenient noodles,wheat flour and pig lard.

(6) Used as a stabilizer for Vitamin C;

(7) 10% raw material of monosodium glutamate is glycine


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